A Record Lookup

Find the IP address of your domain using A record lookup.

What is an A record?

An A record or the address record points the IP to its respective domain/ subdomain. Since this record maps the address to its domain/ hostname, it’s also known as the address mapping record or the host mapping record.

The A record is typically used to map the IPV4 (IP address) to its domain name. If your domain uses the V6 addressing pattern, you can use the AAAA record lookup for its domain name.

Why use an A record?

For a human user, it’s easier to remember the domain name rather than a series of numbers. For instance, www.domainname.com is easier to remember instead of the IP

An A record is used when the user tries to reach a website through its domain name. Once a domain name is entered on a search engine, the web browser pings the DNS resolver, which in turn gets the IP for that particular domain.

In some cases, a website may contain more than one A record, i.e., more than one IP address. These multiple A records are often used to reduce load balancing and fallbacks.

How to perform A record lookup?

Type the domain name for which the A record needs to be captured and click the Lookup button above. The query will give you the host/domain name, followed by its IP (A record) and Time to Live (TTL) value.

The TTL is a value that captures the amount of time it takes to reflect any changes that happen to these records. For instance, a TTL of 3600 indicates that it takes a minimum of an hour to reflect the changes that are made to this record.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between a CNAME and an A record?

    A Canonical Name record (CNAME) is used to map an alias domain to its canonical domain. For example, zoho.com and www.zoho.com point to the same application and are hosted by the same server. To avoid creating two separate records, one can use the CNAME to map an alias to its domain name.

    However, an A record maps the parent domain name to its respective IP address. An A record is an example of zoho.com pointing to its IP address, whereas a CNAME record is an example of www.zoho.com pointing to zoho.com.

  • What are the different types of A records?

    There are two different IP records, namely version 4 (32 bit) and version 6 (128 bit). While A records are used to map version 4 of IP, version 6 can be looked up using AAAA lookup.