AAAA Record lookup 

Find the IPv6 address associated with a domain name using the AAAA Record.

What is an AAAA record?

The AAAA or quad A record is a DNS record used to map the IPV6 to its respective domain name. Generally, a domain or subdomain is linked to its servers with the help of the IP address. There are 2 versions of IP address - IP version 4 and IP version 6. The A and AAAA records link the IP to its corresponding domain. An AAAA record is different from an A record only in the version of IP address that it looks up. 

The size of a quad A record is four times that of an A record (i.e., 4 multiplied by 32 bits). In total, an AAAA record has 128 bits and includes hexadecimal values. A sample AAAA record looks like this: 1111:0eab:85bd:1231.

Why use a quad A record?

With the internet continuing to grow rapidly, there’s an ever-increasing number of new websites, all of which need to be assigned domain addresses. Due to space constraints with IPV4, the internet is now moving towards IPV6 for its storage.

How do you look up the AAAA record for a domain?

Enter the domain or subdomain of your website in Zoho Toolkit and click on the look-up button. This will return the hostname followed by its IPV6 address and TTL value.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if a domain is hosted on an IP address?

    Perform the A/AAAA lookup for the domain name and see if the domain name returns the IP. If the query fails, try your domain name with a www., and if the problem still persists, try to resolve
  • Can I have both an A and an AAAA record for the same website?

    Though the usage of quad A records is not that popular just yet, it is possible for a website to hold both IPV4 and IPV6 addresses, so yes, you can have both records for the same website.