Why choose us over Outlook's shared mailbox?

Besides the comfort of an intuitive, straightforward, and easy-to-use interface, here's why you should consider Zoho TeamInbox for your shared emails.

  • Built for collaboration

    Built for collaboration

    Outlook's shared mailbox isn’t built with collaboration in mind. On the other hand, Zoho TeamInbox is designed to make collaboration easier without ignoring emails. Chat with your teammates right from your inbox.

  • Team productivity

    Team productivity

    When a team's productivity is dependent on how quickly emails are resolved, it’s important to be able to measure team and individual performance with metrics. You can do exactly that with Zoho TeamInbox's reports and analytics.

  • Powerful automation

    Powerful automation

    Automate your repetitive work items with our workflows. Focus on what needs your attention and leave routine tasks to us—our rules will take care of it. Get through your incoming emails as quickly as possible.

  • Assignment and delegation

    Assignment and delegation

    Distribute work effectively among teammates. Assign clear ownership to threads to ensure that no email is ignored and avoid work duplication. Every member is now accountable to the threads they are assigned.

  • Attaining “Inbox Zero”

    Attaining “Inbox Zero”

    Archive a thread when the conversation has ended. Snooze threads that don't need action right away. Use response templates to cut email writing time and labor. Achieve “Inbox Zero” that’s otherwise an uphill battle.

Zoho TeamInbox vs Outlook's shared mailboxComparison

  • Features



  • Front

Inbox actions

  • Shared space for group emails

    Email hosted on any service

    Email hosted only on Outlook

  • Personal inbox

  • Multichannel inbox

    Coming soon

  • IMAP/POP fetch



  • Multiple sender addresses

  • Owner assignments

  • Internal comments

  • Archive threads

  • Snooze threads

  • Share draft

  • Follow threads

  • Thread read info

  • Thread timeline


Admin control

  • Analytics

  • Activity log

  • Users roles and permissions

  • Export emails


Team entities

  • Team contacts

  • Team signatures

  • Team tags

  • Response templates

  • Team rules



  • SPF



  • DKIM



  • Multifactor authentication


We provide robust assistance to make your switch easier

Migrating your emails from Outlook is easy and lossless. If you need help, here's how you can get it:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a shared inbox? Why should I use one?

    A shared inbox allows teams to manage group emails (like finance@, marketing@, hr@, etc.) in a single collaborative space. Admins can create shared inboxes in Zoho TeamInbox and allow users to access them, which will enhance team productivity. Using a shared inbox ensures transparency, visibility, and credibility throughout your teams, and you'll also have an organized workspace.

  • Should I be hosted on Zoho Mail to use Zoho TeamInbox?

    No, you can use Zoho TeamInbox for your shared emails no matter where your email is hosted. Just enable forwarding from your email service, and view and manage your emails from Zoho TeamInbox.

  • Can I have my personal emails in Zoho TeamInbox?

    You can create a personal inbox in Zoho TeamInbox and bring in your individual emails to view and access in a private space. Keep all of your personal and group emails under one roof.

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    We have a completely free 14-day trial period. We don’t require any payment information when you sign up. During your trial, you can access all of the features of our Professional plan and can add up to five users in your organization. Upon completion of your trial period, you’ll be required to pay according to the plan you selected to continue using Zoho TeamInbox.