TeamInbox Help Guide Index

TeamInbox Help Index

Getting started to set up organization
GDPR compliance Zoho TeamInbox' compliance to GDPR
Teams of teams
TeamsCreating teams on how to create a team
Setting up canned responses
  • Basics of canned responses
  • Instructions on how to create a canned response
Setting up rules
  • Basics of rules
  • Instructions on how to create a rule
Setting up signatures
  • Basics of signatures
  • Instructions on how to set up email signatures
Creating tags
  • Basics of tags
  • Instructions on how to create a team tag
Managing teams for
  • Adding new users to team and editing user roles
  • Editing rules
  • Editing signatures
Inboxes of inboxes
InboxesCreating inboxes on how to create an inbox
Adding group emails for connecting email groups to Zoho TeamInbox
Forwarding emails to Zoho TeamInbox to forward emails to Zoho TeamInbox from various email services
Managing inboxes for adding new users to inbox and editing user roles
Composing and sending emails on
  • Composing new emails
  • Adding sender addresses
  • Draft sharing
Managing incoming messages on
  • Assigning and following threads
  • Snoozing and archiving threads
  • Adding comments
Thread views on how the messages are arranged under thread views
Contacts on creating and managing contacts
Activity log on how to view the activities happening in the organization
Settings on how to set your preferences
SettingsDeliverability on how to add DKIM record in your provider's DNS

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