Keep your inbox in top shape

It no longer takes time and expertise to keep your inbox clutter-free. Use TeamInbox's efficient features and intuitive UI to structure your shared inbox and boost productivity in no time.


Delegate thread owners

Pick up messages as they come in or assign them to others to keep your team informed about who's handling each work item.

Snooze to follow up later

Clear your space by snoozing threads that don't need your immediate attention for a set amount of time.

Sort with shared tags

Quickly find the information you need. Label threads with tags to group relevant conversations together.

Follow to stay updated

Stay in the loop on important threads by following them. Get in-app notifications for any activity in the thread.

Archive for a cleaner inbox

Keep only ongoing conversations in your inbox by archiving threads once you're done with them.

Have organized views for your threads

Use specific views if you want to view only those threads that are assigned to or shared with you or need to filter based on criteria.

Keep all your emails under a single roof

Configure your personal inboxes also in Zoho TeamInbox right next to your shared inboxes. You don't have to switch applications to access team and personal emails.

Personal sender address

Personal sender address

While sending out emails from your personal inbox, use your personal sender address.

Private entities

Private entities

Create tags, rules, response templates, and signatures and keep them private to your personal inbox.

Share specific emails

Share specific emails

Share your private emails with teammates in your organization just by @mentioning them.

Simplifying repetitive tasks

Use workflows to improve your routines and simplify your multi-step processes.


Automate with rules

Set a rule for what actions should be performed every time a condition is met, and Zoho TeamInbox will take care of the rest for you.

Sign off in style, consistently

Create common signatures for your entire team to use when they send emails to maintain consistency.

Auto assign threads

Use rule workflows to automatically assign incoming emails to members based on the subject line or the content.

Write quicker replies with email templates

Pre-set message content for common queries. Have them ready-made so any member of the team can use to respond with consistent tone and information.

Automatically add new members to a specific inbox

Every time you add a new member to a team, you can choose to automatically add them to any inboxes under that team.

Set up snooze preferences

If you have specific time periods you often use to snooze your threads, just set them off once and select in just a click.

Collaborated and integrated teams

Any successful business needs to keep its teams connected. Zoho TeamInbox helps you make internal communication and collaboration smoother for your employees.

  • Conduct internal discussions

    Instead of forwarding emails back and forth, chat with your teammates on email threads, directly from your inbox.

    Conduct internal discussions
  • Co-author email replies

    Share email drafts with your team for their input. Edit draft content in real time and always send out accurate responses.

    Co-author email replies
  • Nurture newcomers with minimal effort

    If you don't want your new hires answering emails right away, assign them an Observer role in the inbox where they can view and learn your processes.

    Nurture newcomers with minimal effort
Conduct internal discussions Conduct internal discussions
Co-author email replies Co-author email replies
Nurture newcomers with minimal effort

Transparent workspace - Know your team

Keep your team connected and up to date. Use these features to make transparency a top priority.

  • Track activities from the timeline

    Every important activity on a thread like replies, assignments, and archives, are recorded in your timeline.

    Track activities from the timeline
  • Get user information for every thread

    Stay updated about any team members who have access to a specific thread, who have read it, and who are following it.

    Get user information for every thread
  • See assigned tasks

    Know which task is taken up by which member via the "Assigned to others" view.

    See assigned tasks
Nurture newcomers with minimal effort
Nurture newcomers with minimal effort
Co-author email replies Co-author email replies

Uncompromising security and privacy

With emails evolving, we're now past the perilous times of sharing credentials to access group emails. We are securely sharing inboxes instead. Zoho TeamInbox keeps your inboxes secure and private.


Secure storage for your data

Zoho TeamInbox ensures data security at both physical and logical levels. Our data centers are fully equipped to combat any breach. Your information is safe with us.

End-to-end email encryption

All your email data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. No one can read your emails except those team members given access to your inboxes.

Two-factor authentication

Add an extra layer of security to your account to restrict any unauthorized access by enabling multi-factor authentication for your organization.

Secured inbox sharing

Only admins can decide who can access an inbox and reply to emails. Members outside the team can access emails only when they are shared with them.

Activity log

Every action performed by team members is recorded in Zoho TeamInbox for the organization admin to audit. Admins can easily review all activity in our tamper proof activity logs.

Secure storage for your data

Secure and collaborative inbox

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