Why choose us over Drag?

Besides being a robust platform, here are other reasons for why you should choose Zoho TeamInbox for your teams:

  • It's not just for Gmail

    It's not just for Gmail

    You can be hosted on your favorite email service and can still use Zoho TeamInbox, unlike Drag. You don't have to use a specific email hosting service to enjoy shared inboxes. Bring your emails to Zoho TeamInbox via email forwarding or IMAP/POP, and start working in a shared, transparent space.

  • Uncompromised security

    Uncompromised security

    There's no compromise for your data security and privacy with Zoho TeamInbox. Your emails are always encrypted and stored in secure data centers in various locations around the globe. Most importantly, your information is in your control.

  • Timely customer support

    Timely customer support

    Have a question? Drop us an email and our experts will assist you around the clock. They can offer remote assistance, help you set up, and give you a product walkthrough. They will effectively guide you with anything and everything you need.

  • Straightforward pricing

    Straightforward pricing

    Zoho TeamInbox has two simple-to-understand pricing plans. Pick one based on your needs and pay as you go. You don't have to switch to higher plans as you grow your team or want to add more shared inboxes. Pay for only what you use!

Zoho TeamInbox vs DragComparison

  • Features



  • Front

Inbox actions

  • Shared space for group emails

    Email hosted on any service

    Email hosted only on Gmail

  • Personal inbox

  • Multichannel inbox

    Coming soon

  • IMAP/POP fetch

  • Sender addresses

    Multiple per inbox

    Only one personal sender address per inbox

  • Owner assignments

  • Internal comments

  • Archive threads

  • Snooze threads

  • Share draft

  • Follow threads

  • Thread read info

  • Thread timeline


Admin control

  • Analytics

  • Activity log

  • Users roles and permissions

  • Export emails


Team entities

  • Team contacts

  • Team signatures

  • Team tags

  • Response templates

  • Team rules



  • SPF

  • DKIM

  • Account authentication


    Two-factor of Gmail

See how much you can save with Zoho TeamInbox*

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*Comparing yearly prices for Zoho TeamInbox's Professional plan with Drag's Pro plan

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a shared inbox? Why should I use one?

    A shared inbox lets teams manage group emails (like finance@, marketing@, hr@, etc.) in a single collaborative space. Admins can create shared inboxes in Zoho TeamInbox and allow users to access them, which will enhance team productivity. Using a shared inbox ensures transparency, visibility, and credibility throughout your teams, and you'll also have an organized workspace.

  • Can I have my personal emails in Zoho TeamInbox?

    You can create a personal inbox in Zoho TeamInbox and bring in your individual emails to view and access in a private space. Keep all your personal and group emails under one roof.

  • Should I be hosted on Zoho Mail to use Zoho TeamInbox?

    No, you can use Zoho TeamInbox for your shared emails no matter where your email is hosted. Just enable forwarding from your email service, and view and manage your emails from Zoho TeamInbox.

  • Is my data safe?

    We’re serious about keeping your data safe and secure. Our facilities have stringent 24/7 security with video monitoring, biometric access, and advanced fire, flood, and theft monitoring systems. Our network security system employs the latest encryption standards, as well as intrusion detection and prevention technologies.