Website Feedback Survey


Website Feedback Survey

Listen to your online visitors. Understand their concerns and provide a better user experience. Make a difference to your business with Zoho's website feedback survey.

  • Online presence

    How effective is your online presence? Does your website meet your user requirements? Your online presence is the most significant factor that draws traffic to your website. The better you manage your social media accounts, the more people will visit your website.

  • Good design is good business

    Is it easy for your visitors to find what they need on your website? The layout of information on your website is another key factor in conversion rates. Interact with your customers to learn their thoughts on your website design.Use one of  Zoho Survey's collection of survey themes.

  • The art of asking questions

    Can't think of questions for your website feedback survey?. We have sample questions to help when you are struggling to find the appropriate questions for your customers. Improve the response rates by asking the right questions for your audience. Our free survey templates can help you get instant feedback for your website or product.

  • Quick tips for surveying

    Help visitors get the most out of your website. Learn what they are looking for to serve them better. For an effective website feedback survey, you should:

    • Listen: Make sure you listen to your customers' questions and concerns. Their opinions and comments can have a direct impact on your business.

    • Respond: How you respond to their concerns is also important. Make them feel that you value their opinion.

    • Convert: Help your visitors get what they want from your website and convert them to loyal customers.

  • SalesIQ integration

    Zoho Survey is now integrated with Zoho SalesIQ. With this integration, you can gain insights on who has taken your surveys and track the returning visitors by name and email address. You can also track the visitors' progress and help them find solutions from your website.

  • Embed surveys

    Place your survey on your website to collect feedback from your customers. Learn their thoughts, suggestions, and questions on your product or website. Use this feedback to plan your strategies.