Now, think about a less positive experience you had, didn't it feel like an absolute nightmare? This is what we call Customer Experience (CX). Customer experience is how your customers feel about your brand and their interactions with it. Effective Customer Experience Management is key to ensuring that your customers have a great experience with your brand. There are two important aspects of the customer experience: the first focuses on the customer, and the second is the product or service offered. Customer experience also depends on the actions you take to improve the experience of your customers.

Why is monitoring customer experience important?

Let's say you run a product-based company and the products and automated tools you offer are the same quality as those offered by your competitors. What is the one factor that can set you apart? The service you provide to your customers. The personal interactions an individual has had with your business. Research conducted and published by Capegemini shows that 81% of customers are willing to pay more in order to have a positive customer experience. It has been proven time and again that customer-centric businesses enjoy higher revenues and comparatively lower churn rates than their competitors. This demonstrates why business owners need to make customer experience management a priority. This will result in good returns in terms of loyalty, brand retention, and a strong market base over time.

In summary, to optimize customer experience with your business, you need to:

Create a clear cut strategy to work on: Have a plan. Analyze the data acquired from various avenues and act on it.

Connect with your customers: Show your customers that they matter with personalized interactions. A strong connection built on their end-to-end journey is more likely to resonate with your customers.

Capture real-time feedback: There is nothing better than gaining insights into customer experiences in real time. You can acquire more information which otherwise might get lost.

Measure your Return Of Investment (ROI): Make sure you measure your ROI against the metrics gained from the customer experience strategies that you have implemented. This gives you a detailed understanding of how effective and well-received the systemic changes you've made are.

Take regular action on the feedback you receive: Everybody gains data, what matters is how it is used to the benefit of your customers and business. So don't let it just sit there, shake it up and use it to provide top-notch customer experience.

We hope that these tips help you kick start your journey to provide quality Customer Experience (CX) to your consumers!

Waheeda QaiyumContent Writer - Zoho Survey

Posted on:  March 1, 2021

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