Here's What Zoho Survey Offers
Question Types

Zoho Survey gives you 30 different question types in place of 20 offered by SurveyMonkey, including options like a signature question and matrix star rating scale.

Drag and drop builder

An easy drag and drop builder helps you craft surveys in minutes, personalize settings, and publish results.

250+ Templates

With Zoho Survey, you have 250+ templates to choose from, designed across industries.


Understand the value of your organization's work or turn a survey into a quiz by adding values for answers.

Skip Logic

Skip logic changes which question or page a respondent sees next, based on how they answer previous questions. It makes the surveys more relevant, and does away with the constraints of a traditional paper survey.

Multilingual Surveys

Zoho Survey allows your survey to be translated into over 70 different languages as compared to only 55 in SurveyMonkey. We also support languages written from right to left like Arabic, Hebrew and Persian.

Custom Variables

Custom variables help you pass on additional information, whether it's an email address or a customer's unique identification number, and easily track data from reports.


Select from across themes and change them according to your branding. Themes extends beyond the survey window into email campaigns, as well.


You can change the survey's footer and header themes and add your own logo to better fit your brand identity.


Pre-write the answers to some questions with a default value or information, using the survey URL.


Make your survey URL your own by publishing it from your domain.


Piping helps you change or introduce new questions and insert follow-up questions based on the previous responses. It also allows you to edit the survey's custom variables.

Response Collection
Research panels

Expand your survey audience by reaching out to B2C and B2B research panels based on the criteria you require.

Email distribution

Run an email campaign for your surveys from within the platform, track their status, and send automated reminders.

Website insert

Insert popup surveys into your webpages to gauge visitor satisfaction and optimize your website.

CRM Integration
CRM & entire Zoho app suite

Zoho Survey seamlessly integrates with Zoho CRM which makes sure that all your apps data gets transferred in a click. CRM-Survey integration helps you combine your survey data with CRM to find out what makes your customers happy. There's a plus point too: this data will then get synced with all the other apps across the Zoho suite, therefore helping you run your entire business in Zoho itself.

  ( suite)
Custom Reports

Zoho Survey includes custom reporting options that help you siphon insights out of your survey data and present them in simple formats that make easy to understand. You can also have reports scheduled, share them, and filter responses to analyze particular characteristics.

Tag geolocation in reports

Record a respondent's geographical location in your reports to ensure research and response validity.

Text analysis

Analyze text responses with sentiment analysis and word clouds to get a faster, more comprehensive understanding of your respondents.

Exporting report

Make smart decisions with easier reports that you can export in various formats including spreadsheet, XLS, CSV, PDF, Tableau extract and Zoho spreadsheet using Zoho Survey. The plus point is all of this (except Tableau extract) are downloaded immediately to your device.

Offline Response management
Offline Response

Collect offline responses that will be uploaded once you're connected. You can also buy responses for survey research, and choose the respondents you want, right down to the last demographic detail.


Utilize unique hosting with custom domain links, QR code access, private group sharing, email distribution, and more.


Sync your CRM or MailChimp contacts to create customized email campaigns. Connect your Zoho Campaigns account with Zoho Survey for easy distribution of surveys to a large customer base.

Sync with: zohocrm   mailChimp   zohocampaign  

With surveys increasingly becoming a team effort, we've gone out of our way to make sharing as effortless as possible. Zoho Survey allows transferring and sharing of reports.

Transfer surveys

Taking collaboration to a whole new level, Zoho Survey allows you exclusive access to the Zoho suite of apps- including Zoho CRM and Campaigns.

Invite reviewers

Solicit opinions from outside expert to make your survey even better.

Create Department

Create departments and portals with custom access, roles, and permissions.


Ensure that your survey data stays confidential with password protection, CAPTCHA, and SSL certification.

Data Privacy
ePHI labeling

With ePHI labeling, you can mark selected fields as personal health information in order to encrypt them by default.

Encrypt answers

For specifically selected questions, custom variables and responses can now be encrypted at rest (storage)

Anonymous Responses

Choose to not collect Personal Identifying Information, like names, email addresses, or phone numbers, by marking those fields as anonymous.

GDPR Compliance

Zoho Survey ensures that data for all concerned data subjects is secure. We take on full responsibility for this as the data processor.

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Zoho offers an interconnected suite of business apps unmatched by SurveyMonkey. So start enjoying the unique Zoho advantage.

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