Zoho Surveys for websites.

Use surveys to understand your website's visitors. With Zoho Survey, you can host or embed your surveys directly onto your website. Use your customer's responses to target the right audience.

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Host your surveys

A unique feature of Zoho Survey is the ability to host surveys on your own domain.  This is better than embedding them because you can ensure that your visitors stay on your website. Also, you can customize your survey  to suit your brand identity. Add in your logo, change the fonts and colors, and your survey will appear professionally designed, just for you.

Embed your survey

Embed your survey onto your website. You can embed your survey as an HTML pop-up, iframe, or by using JavaScript. Just copy the code and paste it onto your website. No advanced coding knowledge required.


Every survey comes optimized for all screen sizes. Make your surveys match your mobile-optimized website. Your respondents will be able to answer from any device, and they will never find a broken page on their smartphones.

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Track your survey respondents

Zoho Survey comes integrated with Zoho SalesIQ. Once a respondent fills out your survey, you will see their answers in SalesIQ the next time they visit.  Collect information with Zoho Survey to connect with potential customers. Zoho SalesIQ integration