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A research study conducted by NCEE found that the academic performance of a student is directly related to the school climate.

In 2020, the world was forced to slow down and get the best out of education technology. Schools, colleges, and universities had to depend on online education more each day, resulting in an e-learning boom. Now, educators are faced with the challenge of keeping students' emotions surrounding schools in check. After all, creating a safe environment is just as important virtually as it is physically.

A positive school climate can help the student thrive in all aspects of education holistically. Whereas a negative climate can have the opposite impact. The right survey and questions can help you assess the school climate and give you valuable insights on how to improve the student experience. Here is a list of effective questions that can lead you to better evaluation:

With these questions in mind, you can frame a simple yet effective survey, which will put the students' concerns in perspective. This makes it easy for schools to create a respectful and safe environment, where their students can thrive and become better individuals.

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