Social Media Survey


Social Media Survey

Engage your customers online with Zoho's social media survey. Use their favorite social media networks to learn what they think about your company or product.

  • Real vs. virtual

    What are your customers' favorite social networking sites? Do they live tweet major events, or do they like to post motivational quotes on Facebook? Use Zoho Survey to learn about them from their social media habits.

  • Like. Share. Comment.

    Social media enables people to share their thoughts like never before. These platforms are connections to millions around the globe. They provide an opportunity to share our thoughts and common interests.These networks can also be used to gather information for a marketing campaign or a  newly developed product. Post your social media survey onto them to get deeper insights into your queries.

  • Tweet

    Gather opinions, ideas, and feedback from your customers on Twitter with our survey templates. Run a hashtag campaign or post a tweet asking your customers to respond to your social media survey. Analyze user trends to test your new product development.

  • Other social media platforms

    Are your customers more active on social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Google Plus? Analyze how often they visit these sites and how much time they spend there. Discover what kind of blogs they read and post, or what they watch on YouTube. We have survey templates for any social media network. Simply embed a survey, post one on a website, or share the survey link. You can choose from our survey templates, use our sample survey questions, or build your own questionnaire by using our different question types.

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