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Social media survey
Strengthen your digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing, when done correctly, can benefit your business and initiate conversations about your brand more effectively than a billboard advertisement.

Identify ideal social media platforms

Assess which social media platforms are widely used by your customers. Business conversations happen on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest or Snapchat. Your goal is to understand how and why your customers engage in these online communities.

Ask yourself questions like these:

  • What devices do they use to access these social media platforms?
  • What type of content do they generally consume?
  • Do they enjoy images, articles, videos or other kinds media content?

This information will help you strategize your digital presence more effectively and target your consumers more efficiently.

Maximize reach

Social media influencers can positively impact your brand image by posting reviews or having conversations about your products or services. Social media surveys need a fair amount of responses to be insightful. Amplify your reach in communities, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, by asking your fans and followers to like, re-post, or share your surveys. It's also a good idea to identify the most engaging influencers in your online community and include them in your digital marketing plan. Working with influencers can encourage valuable discussions about your brand and engage followers. This will improve your response rates across both social and professional groups.

Social media survey
Different uses of social media surveys

Assess which social media platform has the most mentions about your brand/business. Using our wide range of templates, you can create surveys to effectively engage your target audience on social media platforms. You can directly embed your surveys on Facebook or in an email, or share them as links through Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other platforms.

Gauge customer satisfaction

Understand how satisfied your customers are with your brand. What are their complaints towards your business as a whole? Which aspect of your business satisfies them the most? Conversations on social media are straightforward and loud. Use this attribute to connect better with your market segment.

Brand loyalty

With an increasing number of followers on social media, it's easier than ever to conduct online polls to measure customer loyalty and engagement. These polls can help you understand what your customers think about your products or services and make them feel included in the decision-making process.

Measure customer experience

The most important aspect of a business is the customer experience. A good customer experience is essential to long-term customer retention. Social media can help a customer express their opinions about their experience with your brand, from initial interaction to customer support.

Larger demographic reach

A brand's image is primarily dependent on the demographic of the consumer. Social media platforms can easily give you access to a large group of segments from different demographic backgrounds, such as age, gender, location, income or education. That , in turn, helps in shaping your own brand image and identity and making it specific to your audience.

Engaging content

Community engagement is one of the most efficient ways to connect with your customers. Conducting online surveys and polls that are fun and entertaining on your social media platforms will pique the interest of your customers towards your product or service.

Lead generation

The interactions with your surveys on your platforms will help you identify which medium has more engagement and create higher chances of generating viable leads for your business. With the survey data collected, you can also track your potential leads and whether or not they convert into customers.

Social media survey
Some popular social media platforms and their user types:
  • Facebook: Used by a mix of older and younger group of people. Perfect for demographic reach
  • Instagram: Predominantly used by younger groups. Most effectively used for image sharing and short videos.
  • Twitter: Mixed demographic, but most popular for political discussions and popular opinions.
  • LinkedIn: Popular within business communities, most interactive groups belong to B2B communities.
Build your own social media survey with these 4 steps:
Keep it simple

Be straightforward and direct when initiating a conversation with your target audience.

Design effectively

Zoho Survey uses a responsive design strategy to adapt the design to match the device being used.

Close ended questions

The best way to keep it short and simple is to include close-ended questions in your survey.

Choose the right time

Engaging the right audience at the right time is vital. Choose the time your target audience is most active on social media.