Even something as simple as question wording has the power to alter the respondent’s perspective on an issue. Use of improper langauge may also unintentionally force them to answer the question inaccurately or give a false answer by mistake.

Imagine your survey is finding out the most popular pizza among employees in a company.

Which type of pizza do you like best ?

The problem with this question is that it automatically assumes the answer is among the four kinds of pizzas mentioned in the question.

So instead of finding out the most popular pizza, the study measures the popularity among these four types. There might be a New York style pizza a lot of people like, but they can't say so simply because the question does not even mention it.

Questions are the essential part of your survey, and framing them correctly can make or break the survey in terms of its language quality.

Survey tip:

You might want to start by surveying small groups of people with open-ended questions just to understand the right way to ask them what you need to know. This way, you'll know the pattern framework in which respondents are answering your questions and are less likely to overlook options that are important to your respondents.

Five common survey errors

Here are some common errors you should avoid if you want to become a pro surveyor:

Nevertheless, if you clearly follow the tips given above, your survey will be clear to read while also collecting effective data.

Your respondents will leave the survey feeling like they have given some honest and accurate feedback, which is great for you, because it means you will get the right data.

Always remember: Survey questions are the backbone of any survey-based data collection, so it’s crucial to have well-thought-out survey questions if you want the data to be reliable.


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