2020. A year that forever changed how we perceive things, both professionally and personally. If there was one thing 2020 taught us, it’s to keep growing no matter the circumstance.

At Zoho Survey, we did just that this year. One step at a time, we kept moving on. Focused on the best interests of our customers, we made enhancements to the features we know you love and use. We also rolled out some exciting new ones to make your experience with us even more meaningful. After a year of personal growth for Zoho Survey, we’re ready to embrace 2021. Read on to know what we worked on to improve your experience with us.

Get more effective feedback with Pop-up Survey

Our new Pop-up Survey is specially designed to get effective feedback from your customers and improve the overall visitor experience of your website. What’s so interesting about Zoho’s Pop-up Survey? It’s easy to build, features a minimalistic design, and is completely customizable. Your pop-up survey is just a copy and paste away. All you’ve got to do is paste the code Zoho Survey generates for you into your website’s code. To ease your customer’s experience, the survey also enables you to activate the single-click submit option when needed.

Our surveys are built to give you full control over what happens, so you can either decide to show the pop-up on all your pages or only a few select ones. You can also decide exactly when and where your survey needs to show, whether it’s immediately after the page loads, after the visitor has spent a couple of seconds on the page, after they’ve scrolled down the page a bit or lastly, when the visitor intends to exit, it’s all up to you.

Sounds interesting, right?

Create your own pop-up survey

Understand sentiments better with Text Analysis

Ever wondered why a written message doesn’t come across as effectively as the spoken word? A lot of sentiment gets lost over text. Zoho’s advanced Sentiment Analysis aims to extract sentiments from multi-line feedback provided by your customers and help you identify the emotions behind it.

For instance, let’s say you’ve collected a huge amount of data on customer feedback. It would be exhausting to go through 5000+ pieces of customer feedback and understand the sentiment behind each comment. With sentiment analysis, you can quickly and accurately identify if your customer feels positive, neutral, or negative about several aspects of your business, such as service/product satisfaction, product pricing, and branding.

Visualize data better with Word Cloud processing

Analysis through Word Cloud helps you visualize textual data in an easy way. A word cloud simply identifies the frequency and emphasis of certain words used by your customers when providing feedback. It is particularly helpful when used on open-ended questions in your surveys.

Check out more on analyzing your reports

Get quantifiable and accurate data by including Continuous Sum Questions in your surveys

Why use this question type? It’s easy to respond to and returns accurate data in the form of definite scores. Here, the total score is defined by you, and the respondent can add a value that they think is appropriate to the question. This allows you to understand the weightage your respondent is willing to give for each option provided.

For example, let’s assume you want to find out how much your customer will score you out of 100 on several aspects of your newly launched product. If you look at the image below, you’ll see that the pre-defined value set is 100. Here, the respondent can evaluate each aspect of your product by giving you an overall score out of 100.

You can also choose to validate your respondent’s data by applying conditions. For instance, in the image below, the validation logic is that, the overall sum of the score should be less than or equal to 100. And finally, you can design the question to have text boxes to enter numericals or just use the slider.

Create a survey now and see how the Continuous Sum Questions work.

Handle long surveys with ease by using the Save and Continue Later feature

Chances are, a respondent might leave a longer survey before completing it, therefore we have introduced the Save and Continue Later option to enable your respondents to start off the survey where they stopped. This feature also enables the respondent to come back and review their responses before submitting them, resulting in high quality feedback.

Give a smashing introduction to your survey

First impressions matter the most. Create a great one by writing a compelling introduction to your survey. You can talk about your business or organization, be as transparent as possible about your intentions with the survey, explain the goals you want to achieve through the survey, give your assurance to be discreet if the survey needs a degree of anonymity, and more. You can also take this opportunity to reinforce your brand and let people know in general who you are and what you will be doing with their responses.

Practice caution by adding Terms & Conditions

Remever go wrong by using Validation in Short Answers.ember when we asked you to be as transparent as possible while introducing your survey? We are reinforcing that by adding Terms and Conditions to your survey. This page allows you to filter out users who are not willing to agree to the terms and conditions on usage of data or cookies. We also have a customizable error message display option that does not allow the respondent to access the survey without giving their consent first.

Never go wrong by using Validation in Short Answers

This option helps you choose predefined values, failing which, an error message will be displayed to the respondent prompting them to enter a valid answer. For instance, if your text box field requires a U.S. pin code, you can apply the validation option with a condition mentioning that the text should match the U.S. pin code format. This option will ensure that a valid pin code is entered in the available space. This can be applied to any short-answer format as required, which, in turn, improves the overall quality of data and responses of your survey.

Introducing the all-new Matrix Text Box questions

By using this feature, you can create a general matrix-type question with a text box for a more detailed answer from your respondent. This type of question also allows you to collect multiple answers for your questions in a numerical or a free text format. Similarly, a Matrix Grid question enables you to validate text boxes for short answers, email IDs, and date formats.

Export valuable data at your convenience

The data obtained from your survey is no less than a gold mine, and Zoho Survey allows you to Export Reports in a variety of formats such as a Tableau extract, Zoho Spreadsheet, .xls, .csv, PDF, and SPSS. You can either choose to export an individual visual report or export the entire report at once. With our latest enhancements, you can schedule your exports and collect them from the export section as and when the need arises.

Overall, the year 2020 has treated us well at Zoho Survey as we built state-of-the-art tools to analyze your surveys better and enhanced our existing product features to make your user experience as smooth as possible. Now hold on tightly, because we are going to blow your mind with what we have in store for 2021.

Have an amazing year ahead!

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