5 signs that you’re dealing with a potential scammer

Fortunately, fake surveys are quite easy to identify. There are some telltale signs which can help you protect yourself against potential fraud. Here is a list of signs we have compiled to help you guard yourself against online scams.


Zoho Survey is a safe and secure platform where you can build and distribute surveys, and collect and analyze data. We do not partner with companies to distribute paid surveys unless they are 100% genuine, verified and your data is protected per our privacy policy. Additionally, every bit of your data is safe with us because every survey created with Zoho Survey is SSL certified. With encryption added on both ends, the surveys will remain secure when published. Our data servers are SOC 2 compliant, making them among the most secure in the world. We take our security very seriously, applying the most rigid standards and investing heavily in security measures. Lastly, you can be rest assured that you will not be receiving any spam emails from us!

Waheeda Qaiyum Content Writer - Zoho Survey

Posted on:  July 30, 2021

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