Building and measuring brand awareness


Building and measuring brand awareness

A familiar brand gives you a foothold in any market. Gain that edge over your competitors. Customers want to help you make your brand great. Are you listening?

  • The anatomy of your brand's awareness

    It takes more than simply asking customers a few questions to build and measure brand awareness. Questions such as 'Have you heard about [insert brand name]?' don't give you a picture on the quality of their knowledge, their opinions on the brand, or any actionable information to help you improve.


    Look into the ways your customers interact with your brand to measure improvement. You also need to consider the positive and negative results of such interactions.

  • Build a brand identity

    Building a brand starts by carefully choosing its identity. Successful brands have a great brand identity and awareness. Your brand identity sets you apart from the crowd. It sends subtle signals to your customers regarding your personality, capabilities, and style. People also tend to buy more from brands that they personally identify with.

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  • Identify your brand attributes

    You decide the brand identity, your customers decide its attributes. Your customers interact with your brand's elements and experience the identity that you gave it. These interactions result in the customers giving your brand a personality with various attributes. The closer your brand identity is with the brand's attributes, the better connected you are with your customers.

    Discover how to identify your brand's attributes.
  • Measuring your brand equity

    A direct result of your brand awareness is the brand equity. Brand equity is the monetary value that marketers attribute to a brand. Customers value consistency and quality. The more the customers love your brand, the more brand equity it has. Higher awareness of your brand can also improve your brand's equity.

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  • Building your brand loyalty

    A sustained positive brand experience can result in a customer loyalty. Loyal customers tend to go the extra mile to find your brand's products. Also, they spread the word. People who love your brand talk about your brand and recommend it to friends and colleagues.

    Build your brand's loyal customers.
  • You will notice that none of the sections above directly try to measure your brand's awareness levels in the market. That's simply because you should not. Indirect methods, like looking at causes and effects of brand awareness, can give you more actionable information.

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