Contract Management & SLAs

Zoho Support takes into account your specific operational hours and the customer support plans you've agreed to - and when a new request is created, it takes that into account to set an appropriate resolution time. If you miss your parameters, Zoho Support will escalate the ticket. And what's worse than missing a ticket? Missing a entire contract! Zoho Support will notify you when a contract is about to expire so that you can renew the customer's support contract.

Set Resolution Time

Enables you to set resolution time for the incoming requests. Promptly notifies you to complete the request if it is not resolved on time. Always maintain your service level agreement with the set resolution time.

Business Hours & Support Plans

Accurately calculates the Service Level Agreement based on the exact working hours of your organization for a week and the holidays list. Also, specify the various customer support plans for effective billing purpose.


Escalate even for a single request if it is not answered within the resolution time. Escalate to any of the four levels of hierarchy. Easily maintain SLA compliance through this effective escalation.

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