Customization in Zoho Support provides you an endless option to modernize your product as per your requisite. You can change the product effortlessly without the need to create complex programs or scripts. There is no requirement for any training to configure Zoho support. Customization plays a major role in creating the comfort zone while working with the product. This is because not all the customer support centers require the same setup and configuration and as per the product handled, the needs defer.

Rename Tab

Rename and reorganize the working tabs. For e.g. You may require to change the name of Solutions Tab to Knowledgebase. Also, you can customize the search criteria for all the modules. You can choose upto six criteria for each search layout.


Create Departments that relates to the various business units in your organization. The departments can have their requests, knowledgebase, accounts and other customer support related database specific to their domains.

Email Template

Customize the predefined email templates that can be sent to users when alerts are set. Avoid the time spent to create the alert message every time you need to set one.

Web Forms

Create web to request forms and embed in your website for customers to submit the request. Eliminate the need for customers to contact the support center every time they have an issue.

Business Hour

Define the working hours for your organization and mark holidays which is for SLA compliance. Create various support plans and SLAs with escalation rules to keep up the response time.

Help Folders

Create various help folders and add the related support articles into the respective folders. Set permission for the customers to view the help folders in their customer portal.


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