Support Help


Zoho Support is an online, Web-based helpdesk software application. It enables you to support your customers effectively. All tickets that are sent through e-mails or received over the telephone are converted or logged as tickets. You can assign tickets to agents and prioritize the order in which agents reply to tickets. All the solutions to the most commonly-faced problems can be compiled into a knowledge base and made available to your agents and customers.

Getting Started

This section gives you information about the features of Zoho Support that you will require to set up your account.

Ticket Management Track customer tickets, assign tickets to agents, set due-dates and monitor tickets to closure. Knowledge Base Compile solutions used while responding to tickets and create a knowledge base which will be visible to your customers as well as agents.
Contact and Accounts Maintain your contacts, customers and account information centrally and make it visible to the company. Product Catalog Track, categorize and manage an entire range of products.
Activities Organize and keep track of all the tasks, meetings,demonstrations and calls. Set reminders and send notifications. Reports and Dashboards Generate reports and dashboards for 360-degree visualization of data.
Contracts Define level of service, duration of support and the type of support the customer is entitled to. Workflows and Service-level Agreements (SLAs) Automate your support process by defining workflow rules and escalate using SLAs.
Personal Settings Manage your personal details, contact information, signature, language and timezone settings. Product Customization Organize tabs, configure fields in forms, define search fields and customize other details as required.
Security Administration Control access permissons for agents by creating roles, profiles, and groups. Reply Templates Customize responses by creating templates. Use default templates and save time and increase productivity of your agents.