Watch comprehensive videos to learn about the various functionalities in Zoho Desk.

Getting Started

First 5 things to do in Zoho Desk

Before you dive deep into exploring everything in Zoho Desk, take a look at the basics first. In this video we have listed 5 things you can do in your first session with Zoho Desk.


Focusing on the right tickets

Work modes help you organize all your tickets intuitively. You can use options to organize tickets based on details like ticket owner, ticket status, ticket due date, and so on.


Ways to begin your day with Desk

Agents can organize their work, stay on track of their work, and focus on what is truly important to achieve maximum productivity. Here are some ways to begin your day with Desk.


Why upgrade to Zoho Desk - Part I

Discover how you can improve every basic and essential customer service function in Zoho Desk when you switch from a shared inbox to a help desk tool.


Why upgrade to Zoho Desk - Part II

By employing a well-designed and pocket-friendly help desk tool with privacy policy compliance, Zoho Desk is the best option to build a hassle-free self-service portal for customers.


Support Channels

Stellar multichannel support

In this video, learn how multichannel support helps brands to interact with customers via a variety of communication channels, such as phone, email, social media, and live chat.


Implementing LIve Chat

Have text-based conversations with a support personnel or an AI bot and get queries clarified in the same window with the Live chat support embedded in the websites.


Kicking off Social Media Support

In this video, watch a step-by-step process to start social media customer support for your brand and manage social media customer requests from inside your help desk.


Help Center

Integrating ASAP Add-on with iOS

Using ASAP Add-on, provide your customers with quick access to the ticketing system, knowledge base, user community, and Zia bot with just a click of a single icon on your website.


How to build your knowledgebase?

Learn how to build a knowledge base which is an online self-service repository of useful information in the form of help articles, FAQs, videos, guides, instructional manuals, or e-books.


Importance of Community building

In this video, take a look at the step-by-step process on how to build a strong community for your brand. We'll share with you some tips to get your brand communities right.


Refining your KB and help articles

An omnichannel help desk software makes it easier to build and maintain your help center articles and get valuable insights to keep your knowledge base searchable and relevant.


Increase adoption of knowledgebase

Maintaining a relevant and up-to-date knowledge management system attracts an audience to your online help center. Here are some effective ways to accomplish this.


Collaborative customer support

In this video, learn how efficient collaborative customer support enables customer service executives to quickly reach out to other teams to resolve tickets on time.



Automating customer service process

Automate your customer service processes to avoid manual assignment of tickets, which not only reduces time and effort but also gives 24/7 service across geographical locations.


Proactive Support

With Zoho Desk, be well-equipped to automate customer support activities inside your help desk, set smart automation rules to eliminate repetitive manual tasks and serve your customers faster.


Assigning tickets automatically

Smart automations enables routing and re-routing of tickets, that is, drop ping tickets to the right agents as they flow into the Zoho Desk account.

link18 to assign tickets based on agent expertise

Skill-Based Ticket Assignment

See different skills to support agents, based on their area of specialization and automatically assign each ticket to the agents who is best-equipped to resolve it.


Streamlining your support

Assigning tickets to the right support agent within a specified period is a challenge. Learn how to assign tickets better using some productivity hacks inside your help desk software.


Blueprint in Zoho Desk

Learn about Blueprint, a simple flowchart which is dynamic, detailed and helps streamline record, and track the different activities associated with a customer service process and process milestones.



Multiple accounts with one contact

In this video, watch how the need to relate a single contact record to multiple accounts is established to efficiently track the contacts working with more than one brand.



Integrate Zoho Desk with JIRA

Use the JIRA integration that allows your customer support and product teams to work together and help your agents to submit tickets as issues in Zoho Desk, while engineers can manage its R&D in JIRA.