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Frequently asked questions

  • How does the free trial work?

    Sign up to 15-day free trial, from here (no credit card information required). If you're a digital agency, you can try out Agency Plan. Once the trial-period expires, your account will be moved to a forever free plan with lifetime validity and limited features. You can upgrade to a paid plan anytime from within your Zoho Social dashboard.

  • What are the available modes of payment?

    There are various modes of payment available for our users. You can pay via MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal, bank transfer, or through cheque transfer. You can also use Zoho Wallet to purchase a plan. To know more, you can write to

  • What is the difference between "billed monthly" and "billed annually"?

    The price for each Zoho Social plan varies when paid monthly or annually. If you want to subscribe to a month-on-month payment cycle, then you would be billed monthly following the monthly pricing-slabs we have. However, if you subscribe for a whole year in advance, you would then be billed once annually for a discounted cost.

  • How can I view the pricing slabs in my country's currency?

    Our pricing page and currency values readjust themselves based on your region, and the Data Centers you're mapped to. If you're using a VPN, disable it to view your regional pricing slabs. If you need further assistance, drop us a mail to with the region and pricing request, and we will send you the requested details.

  • How to avail a refund for my Zoho Social subscription?

    You can avail a refund for your Zoho Social subscription anytime by dropping a note to You can also write to us at for additional help that you may need with your refund process or account termination.

  • Is there a discount provided for non-profit organizations?

    Yes, We do provide discounts for non-profit organisations. Due to COVID-19 situation we are currently providing a long-term assistance program for all government institutions, non-profits, and NGOs. If you would like to learn more, write to us at

  • How to use Zoho Wallet credits for Zoho Social subscription? Can it be used for renewals etc? (towards the end)

    Your Zoho Wallet credits can be used to purchase any new Zoho application (except Zoho One), or upgrade your active subscriptions to a higher plan. Note that Zoho Wallet credits cannot be used to renew existing subscriptions or purchase Add-ons.Learn more about Zoho Wallet or write to if you need further assistance.

  • How can I upgrade to a paid plan?

    Follow these steps to upgrade to a paid plan on Zoho Social:

    • 1. On your Zoho Social dashboard, click on Settings at the top right corner of your Home screen and click on Manage Subscription.
    • 2. Select Monthly or Yearly billing by switching the toggle above the listed plans.
    • 3. You can choose from the following plans: Standard, Professional, Premium, Agency, and Agency Plus.
    • 4. Click Upgrade below the paid plan you have selected.
  • Does my account exist after the trial period expires?

    Yes, it does. Once your trial period is over, you will automatically be moved to the forever free plan. You can upgrade to a paid plan directly from your dashboard anytime. You can also manage and deactivate account from there.

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