zShare - The easiest way to share content on social media.

zShare for Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox lets you curate and share content from within your web browser without having to leave the page you're on.

  • Share interesting content

Great brands share awesome content with their audience on social media. The next time you stumble on an interesting article, just click on zShare icon on the browser and share it with your audience across all your networks. You can also schedule posts to go out later. Great way to start new conversations, right?

  • Share images and GIFs

Found a beautiful set of images and GIFs on a page and would like to share them? We hear you! Hover over them and look for the option to share them selectively. That’s not all. Add other images from the page to your post before you publish.

  • Save drafts for later

Not sure whether to share an article right away? No worries, just save it as a draft and you can think about it later or discuss with a team member before you decide to publish it.

  • Share text selectively

Fancy sharing your favorite lines from an article? Just select them and hit share. You can even select text from various sections of an article.

  • Target the right audience at the right time

We know you love the SmartQ feature and we built it within zShare for you. Imagine the power of scheduling your favorite content to reach and engage your audience at the best times, from right within your browser!