Zoho Social Glossary



    You can tag Pages and Profiles using @mentions in your content when publishing to Facebook Pages, LinkedIn Pages & Twitter Profiles. You can also tag profiles via @mentions on your Monitoring dashboard.


    Words or phrases that are prefixed with a '#' on social media platforms. Hashtags are used to track and categorize content or topics on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


    Add a Button To GMB Post

    In the publishing window, you can add a Call-to-Action button to your Google my Business post which can be any of the following - Learn more, Sign up, Order online, Book or Buy. Add the desired link to the button of your choice and your audience can do the action in just one click.

    Add a Twitter Direct Message link

    When you're tweeting to someone, you can grant them access to personally message you via Direct Message (DMs) by adding a 'Twitter Direct Message link' along with the tweet or tweet-response you compose. This can be done from the Publishing Window and the Monitor tabs on Zoho Social.

    Add Cards Button

    Found on the Reports tab, it lets you add metrics when you create customized reports, in the form of cards. For instance: 'Add Facebook Audience Summary card'.


    On Zoho Social, there are two types of Admins: Brand Admins and Portal Admins.

    All Feeds

    All team discussion threads irrespective of whether it is a discussion thread on a Draft, or a discussion thread on a Report, are all grouped under the 'All feeds' section in the Collaborate tab on Zoho Social.

    Aspect Ratio

    The ratio of an image expressed in width to height ratio (x:y). The aspect ratio of images you share on social should follow the ideal aspect ratios defined for the specific network you are posting on. Ideal aspect ratio for each network is defined and published by respective networks, and can affect the display and reach of your content.

    Audience Report

    Found in the Reports tab on Zoho Social, it shows specific network reports of audience interaction with your page. Ex. Twitter Follower Growth, LinkedIn Page Followers by Country, etc.

    Audit Log

    A log of all the major Portal activities like new members added, channels connected/disconnected are listed in Zoho Social Portal Settings.


    The team member who composes a Post or a Draft, is listed within Zoho Social as 'Author' of the Post. The Published Posts section lists all published content along with Author Names among other details.

    Authorize App

    The Authorize App pop-up is a workflow process that nudges you to give permission for a third-party tool like Zoho Social to integrate with the social media page or profile which you are configuring. Example, configuring your Twitter profile to your Zoho Social dashboard. This will allow Zoho Social to view and manage content for the configured Twitter profile.

    Applications such as Zoho Social use APIs (Application Programming Interface) to access features or data allowed by different social channels.

    API Integration

    When you facilitate a component or functionality of one software to interface with your software, it is called an API or Application Programming Interface integration.

    API Restrictions

    API restrictions are the limits imposed by the partner networks, due to which some features of a particular network are sometimes either unavailable, or available in a limited capacity on a third-party app like Zoho Social.


    Block Accounts

    On Zoho Social, you can block Twitter accounts that you don't wish to see updates from or interact with your profile. You can view these from the Connections tab.


    A Brand is a single profile that consists of all your social media channels for a single business (or single unit, in case of a franchise). Multiple Brands are housed inside a Portal. On Zoho Social if you have multiple Brands set up under a single account, you can toggle between the Brands easily from within your Portal.

    Brand Admin

    A Brand Admin is simply the Admin assigned to a specific Brand inside a Zoho Social Portal. They can configure social channels and take key actions for that specific Brand alone.

    Brand Settings

    This is where you can define the following for a singular Brand - 'Brand information', 'Configuring social channels', 'Assigning roles and permissions', 'Manage notifications', 'Manage Brand members' and, 'Define content publishing features'. Portal admins and respective Brand admins can access this.

    Brand Health

    It is the first dashboard on your Zoho Social home-screen which gives a 30-day performance overview of your social channels. It provides stats and numbers that help you understand how your Brand is doing through red and green visual indicators.

    Brand Health Active Audience

    A metric on the Brand Health section of your home screen, Brand Health shows the number and percentage of increased or decreased follower engagement for your brand in the past 30 days.

    Brand Health Engagement

    A metric on the Brand Health section of your home screen that denotes the increase or decrease in the number and percentage of likes and clicks your social channels have generated in the past month.

    Brand Health Stories Created

    A metric on the Brand Health section of your home screen that denotes the shares and retweets generated by your social media content in the past month.

    Brand Health Total audience

    A metric on the Brand Health section of your home screen, it denotes the number and percentage of followers or fans gained or lost by a social channel in the past month.

    Brand Information

    A Setting Page where you can view and edit your Brand's crucial information such as Display Name, Brand Photo, Description, and Time Zone.

    Bulk Schedule

    A post scheduling option that lets you mass-schedule content for weeks in advance. It can be accessed by clicking on the Bulk Schedule button on the home page.



    You can make audio-calls to any of your teammates inside Zoho Social to collaborate on projects, and discuss content ideas. Simply click on the call icon on any teammate's user image from anywhere in the dashboard, to initiate an audio-call.

    Character Limit

    The maximum number of characters (letters, punctuation, spaces, and emoji) that can be accommodated by a network, on a single post. Different social networks have different character limits.

    Chat Threads

    You can initiate chat threads with team members inside a Brand on Zoho Social. To do this, you can click on their username either from the Collaborate tab or anywhere in the dashboard, and click on the 'Chat' button to initiate a one-on-one chat.

    Brand Settings

    This is where you can define the following for a singular Brand - 'Brand information', 'Configuring social channels', 'Assigning roles and permissions', 'Manage notifications', 'Manage Brand members' and, 'Define content publishing features'. Portal admins and respective Brand admins can access this.


    If you are using the Agencies edition of Zoho Social, you have the option to invite client members to your agency dashboard. They will have limited set of permissions and can access discussions only when you or a teammate tags them into the respective thread.

    Clone Slots

    A feature that helps you duplicate the publishing queue slots that you've created. This can be accessed from Publishing Preferences in the Settings tab.

    Collaborate Tab

    A page in Zoho Social that acts as a team forum to have discussions/chats with your Team Members. Discussions are filtered by sections such as Drafts, Posts, Reports, etc. You can start a discussion by clicking Discuss under the (...) menu on any post/connection/report across Zoho Social. In the collaborate tab you can also start one-on-one video/audio calls and chats with other users in your Brand.

    Connecting a Social Channel

    Authorizing Zoho Social's permission and access to connect to a social channel. By doing this you will link a social channel to your Zoho Social dashboard from where you can publish/schedule content to it, monitor activities on it, and track performance metrics for the said channel.

    Connection Info

    If a user you have connected with over messages/monitor tab gives you their contact information, you can record as their connection info.

    Connections tab

    This page shows all your connections (people who follow your Brand or have interacted with your posts) on Twitter and Facebook. You can view your Top Connections, Recently Engaged, Twitter followers and Twitter following.


    A lead who has interacted with your brand over DMs or mentions and have shared their contact information with you.

    Create New Role

    This button lets you define a new role within your team where you can specify the permissions and actions of that designation. You can add users under the roles you've defined. Ex. Content Creator can publish posts but not access reports.

    CRM Leads/Contacts (Interactions)

    A column in the Monitor tab that shows interactions such as comments, mentions, etc. from your CRM Leads and Contacts.

    CTA Button

    A CTA or 'Call-to-action' is an actionable button that appears all across Zoho Social. For instances, the 'New Post', 'Learn More', 'Reconnect' buttons which nudge you to take action are all CTA buttons.

    Custom Branded Reports

    If you are on an Agency/Agency Plus plan, your reports will be sent along with your branding-the favicon you have uploaded.


    Dark Mode

    A dark-screen version of the Zoho Social User Interface. This is currently available for the Zoho Social iOS app.

    Delete Brand

    This setting lets you delete a particular brand from your Portal. It can be found under the Brand Information section of Settings.

    Digital Agency

    A third-party agency that helps businesses define and meet their digital marketing goals—including SEO, email marketing, and social media marketing.

    Direct Publishing

    Direct Publishing for Instagram is a unique feature on some third-party tools like Zoho Social that allows you to publish content to an Instagram profile directly via desktop access to the tool (without triggering a push-notification on mobile.)

    Disconnecting a Social Channel

    Revoking Zoho Social's permission and access to a social network you manage. Doing this will un-link a social channel from your Zoho Social dashboard, and you will no longer be able to publish/schedule content to it, monitor activities on it, or track performance metrics for the said channel. However, you can reconnect it anytime.


    If you have a topic that you want to share and discuss with your team on Zoho Social, simply go over the post/report/user and select Discuss from the (...) menu.


    You can start a discussion about that particular topic/user/report in the Collaborate tab.

    Discussion Threads

    A discussion thread is where a discussion on a topic happens on the Collaborate tab.


    A repository of yet-to-be published posts. On Zoho Social Drafts can be internally discussed, published, or scheduled.


    Email Notification

    On Zoho Social, you can choose team members who can be notified over email when specific actions are carried out from the dashboard. Email Notifications can be managed from Brand settings.


    Any audience interaction with your content—be it views, likes, retweets, shares, replies—are all counted as engagements. This is a defining metric in figuring out the reach your content has.


    When someone likes, shares, or comments on your social media post, they're typically engaging with your Brand. Each of these activity is called an 'engagement'.


    You can embed a post from the Monitor tab to a discussion thread in the collaborate tab.


    An array of emoticons that are available within the Zoho Social dashboard to add to your post, or replies. An emoji keyboard is available on your Publishing Window.

    Export Reports

    To download a report to your device, click on Export from the header or (...) menu on the Reports tab. You can export as PDF, PNG files, or as an Email.

    Export Post Details

    You can export details of published content in PNG, PDF formats or as email. You can export individual posts along with their performance stats from the 'Published Posts' section.


    Facebook Pages

    Unlike a Facebook Profile that is intended for a personal use, Facebook Pages are created for an organization or a business that needs a presence on Facebook.

    Facebook Groups

    Facebook Groups are a community space for group communication and for people to share their common interests and express their opinion. Organizations manage Pages, and create Groups instead for events, programs and campaigns.

    Failed Posts

    All scheduled posts that fail to get published on any social channel is archived under the 'Failed Posts' category in the Unpublished Posts section. The reason for Post failure is also summarized below each failed post. You can republish this content by hitting the 'Retry now' or 'Schedule Again' button.

    Filter Calendar View

    An filter option in Zoho Social's content calendar that lets you filter out posts based on three major categories: Network (Facebook,Twitter, etc), Author, Post Type (Scheduled & Unpublished).


    Social media audience that follow your pages or profiles on a given social platform, in order to get updates from your channel.


    GMB Reviews

    GMB Reviews is a column on Zoho Social's Monitor tab that lists all the reviews you've received for your Google listing. You can respond to these reviews and view the ratings given by the user from here.

    GMB Questions

    All questions posted on your Google My Business listing is grouped by Zoho Social under 'GMB Questions'. You can add this column on your Monitor tab and respond to the questions directly from here.

    Google My Business (GMB) Listings

    Listings of companies or organization with physical addresses, available on Google. This allows your business to show up on local search queries.



    Any text that has a URL embedded into it is a Hyperlink. Selecting the text will lead you to the linked webpage/website.



    The number of times your page appeared in a social media feed and was viewed.


    While Engagements deal with the number of times your Post has been reacted to, Impressions count the number of times your content has been displayed or viewed by your online audience.

    Instagram Profile

    A personal account on Instagram used for streaming image and video content through native tools like Posts, Stories, Lives, and IGTV video updates. To publish advertisements and access business tools including analytics, one needs an Instagram Business Profile.

    Instagram Business Profile

    Instagram profiles are of two types - Instagram personal profiles & Instagram Business profiles. Zoho Social supports Instagram Business Profiles which are designed for businesses and agencies to market their brand effectively. Here’s how to you can easily switch to an Instagram Business account.


    Lead Generation

    If you have an interaction with someone who could be, or could become, a part of your business, you can add them as a lead with a Zoho CRM integration.

    Lead Ads

    Facebook Lead Ads are a great way to connect with quality leads. Running Lead Ads allows you to find users who may be interested in your product/service and collect information from them with Leads Forms.

    Lead Forms

    Using a Lead Form, you can collect information such as name, email address, phone number and such. It also lets you include custom questions to help you understand your potential customers.


    Any user who has interacted with your social networks by following, liking, sharing, commenting on posts etc, is a Lead.

    LinkedIn Company Page

    It is an organization page that can be managed by multiple people within the org. It is mainly used a broadcasting tool, to gain more traction and visibility.

    LinkedIn Profile

    This is your personal profile on LinkedIn, where you can list your professional achievements and accolades, make connections, share content, and take part in discussions.

    Live Stream

    A column that lets you follow a stream of social activities to learn how your audience is interacting with your brand, right from your Zoho Social home page. Your Live Stream will show you various types of social activities, such as Likes, Mentions, Follows, Replies and Wall Posts.


    Manage Subscription

    This button takes you to the Zoho Social's Pricing and Plans page from where you can upgrade, downgrade or purchase a subscription.

    Manual Publishing

    If you have an Instagram Creator profile connected to Zoho Social, your posts will have to manually approved by pushed notifications on your phone.


    Your inbox on Zoho Social which stores all Direct Message conversations from Twitter and Facebook. You can view and reply to messages directly from the Messages tab. If you have an integration with Zoho Desk from your Zoho Social account, you can also mark messages as support tickets directly.

    Monitor Tab

    This page helps you monitor your timeline, other Pages and Profiles, track keywords, @mentions and #hashstags, for different networks and respond and Discuss them using dedicated listening columns.

    Monitor Column

    The Monitor tab on Zoho Social consists of multiple monitoring columns that helps you monitor components like keywords, usernames, mentions, etc for various networks.

    Most Engaged

    'Most engaged' is a section on the Connections tab of Zoho Social that lists the people who have interacted with your brand the most on Twitter and Facebook.

    Mute Accounts

    On Zoho Social, you can mute Twitter accounts that you don't wish to see updates from. You will however continue to receive @mention notifications and personal messages sent to you by these accounts. You can view these from the Connections tab.


    New Reports Dashboard

    Creating a 'New Reports Dashboard' allows you to view a set of hand-picked network stats under a single dashboard that you can rename, share, discuss and manage from the Reports tab on Zoho Social.


    Small alerts on your Dashboard notifying any updates or changes to your Brand's social media activity. On Zoho Social, the Notifications appear on the top right corner under the bell-shaped icon (near the Settings button).


    Organic vs Paid Reach

    The comparison report available under the Reports section that denotes number of clicks you've received for your Page/Profile through organic traffic and paid promotions, respectively.


    Page Reviews

    These are the reviews and recommendations that people leave on an organization's Facebook Page. Zoho Social allows you to stream and respond to Facebook Page Reviews from your Monitor tab.

    Page Search

    A column in the Monitor tab that lets you search for a particular Facebook Page of a brand or an organization that you want to get feed updates from.

    Pause Button

    A crisis button in your Settings that lets Admins pause all scheduled posts until the Resume button is pressed. This is used when you want to go on a social media hiatus, or temporary freeze scheduled content. These posts can be revived easily from the Unpublished Posts section.

    Performance Report

    Measures how your page has performed with metrics such as the number of clicks, impressions and reach, etc.

    Popular Posts

    This option under Published Posts section of the Posts tab sorts all your posts in a descending order of engagement received.


    Your account on Zoho Social which houses all your Brands. A Portal can contain one or more Brands.

    Portal Admin

    A Portal Admin is the master Admin for the entire Zoho Social Portal, and can take key actions for all the Brands inside the Portal.

    Portal Customization

    Located in the Portal Settings on your dashboard, you can tweak Portal Settings to add/change company logo and favicon. For Zoho Social Agency Plan users, this is especially useful as reports you generate for any Brand in your Portal will be prefaced with your Agency's logo.

    Portal Name

    This is the name you can set for the entire Portal. This can either be your org name or the name under which you want to group multiple companies (Brands).

    Portal Settings

    This is your main account Settings tab, and serves as a master dashboard to your Portal. You can access all Brands that you have mapped to your Portal from here and define Settings for each of these Brands like - managing Brand members, review activities through an Audit log and define your Portal settings. Only a Portal Admin can access this.

    Portal Owner

    This is the user under whose name the subscription is recorded. This is not the same as Portal Admin, as anyone can be assigned the role of Portal admin, but there can only be one Portal owner.


    Any content that is made to go on your social channels—you can create a Post from the header by clicking on the New Post button or from the Posts tab. You can access your Published Posts, Scheduled Posts, Drafts etc as well from the Posts tab on Zoho Social.

    Post Stats

    A short performance summary you can pull up for each piece of published content across channels. An individual Post Stat gives you metrics like People reached, Engagements, Clicks, etc.

    Posts and Engagement Reports

    Shows Reports on the numbers and types of posts on your social channel, and how much engagement you have received.

    Posts Tab

    A page on Zoho Social that can be accessed from the header to view all types of posts created on your Brand. You can view posts under sections such as Published Posts, Scheduled Posts, Drafts, Unpublished Posts, Facebook Lead Gen, and a Publishing Calendar view.


    To send out a post live, to one or more social channels.

    Publishing Calendar

    A content overview in the format of a calendar that displays all the posts scheduled posts in your pipeline. It can be set to show a weekly/monthly view and the posts can be filtered by social networks, post types and authors. This can be accessed with under the Posts tab.

    Publishing Preferences

    A menu under the Settings tab, that lists the Pause/Resume button and the Link shortener service being used by the Brand.

    Publishing Window

    This is the window where you can add/edit content to go out as a post. It opens when you click on New Post or want to edit an already existing post such as a draft.


    (Custom) Queue

    A predefined pipeline for scheduling your content for your week. You can set custom queue slots for a Brand from Settings. You can access these defined time-slots directly from the Publishing Window.

    Quick Actions

    This panel can be found at the top right of your Zoho Social Home Page. You can create a New Post from here and also Bulk Schedule content.



    The number of people who viewed your post/page on social media.

    Recent Posts

    A visual display of your most recent posts, seen on your Zoho Social Home Screen.

    Reconnecting a Social Channel

    'Reconnect a social channel' alert shows up on your Settings periodically. Your authorization token for a social channel gets regenerated every 60 days, for security purposes and to ensure your account isn't being mismanaged. When this alert comes up, you must reconnect the respective social channels. In this period, no change happens to your dashboard and any scheduled content goes straight to 'Unplublished Posts' section.

    Repeat Post

    An option in the Publishing Window that lets you recycle content on a weekly or monthly basis, until a specified date in the future.

    Report Account

    On Zoho Social, you can report Twitter accounts as spam, this will trigger a spam report to Twitter and block the user from interacting with your profile.

    Report Summary

    An overview of all the reports for a social network.

    Reports Tab

    This page gives you stats and performance reports for all your connected social channels, for any date-range you choose. You can also build, export, and schedule reports with the metrics you want to see from this dashboard.

    Resume Button

    An option that lets the admin resume publishing posts after a crisis has blown over. This can be accessed from the Settings tab, or from your Publishing Calendar.


    A retweet is a re-posted message or 'tweet' on Twitter that allows you to share content on your Twitter feed. You can retweet content to curate them onto your profile.


    A Retweet-with-comment is when you add content like text, image/GIF/video, or a URL to preface the content you are retweeting.



    To assign content for a preferred date/time in the future as opposed to publishing it right away. You can also schedule posts with Queues and Smart.

    Scheduled Reports

    You can schedule reports such as Network Reports, Dashboards, Cards, etc.

    Scheduling Post

    To set a date and time at which a post would be published to one or more social channels.

    Set Targeting

    Specific targeting feature available for LinkedIn Company Pages and Facebook Pages. Using the set-targeting button on your publishing window, you can either select your audience based on location and job function for LinkedIn, and based on location for Facebook.


    A feature on Zoho Social that generates the best times to post for each social channel, based on your activity and audience engagement. If you select more than 1 network to publish on, SmartQ option will generate a common set of 'best-times' to post for that content.

    Social Channel

    A social network (or a segment of it ex: Facebook Pages, & Facebook Groups) that is connected to Zoho Social. Currently the following social channels are supported on Zoho Social: Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Instagram Profile, Twitter, Google My Business Listing, LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Company page.

    Social Icons

    A small pictographic representation of the social channels that you have connected to a Brand.

    Social Media Manager

    A dedicated employee of a marketing team or a digital agency who takes care of all the outreach, posting, and management of an organization's social media channels.

    Social Media Marketing

    A type of online marketing where you communicate your brand's messaging and updates, engage with your audience, and maintain an outreach channel across social media networking platforms.

    Social Media Tool

    A third-party tool that allows you to manage your social media pages and profiles all from a single dashboard. Social media tools can help you with publishing/scheduling.

    Social Network

    Networking websites which connect people from all over the world acting as platforms of interaction, information-sharing, and community building. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn are some examples of Social Networks.


    When a page publishes undesirable content or bulk copies of a content to a social channel it is marked as spam by the channel. Any page posting spam may face consequences such as warnings, blacklisting or account suspension which varies according to social channel policies. Your page loses its marketing credibility for such content. We recommend reading our best practices guide.

    Switch Brand

    When you have two or more Brands being managed in a Portal, you can easily toggle between them from the Brand icon drop-down in the top-left. This is called the 'Switch Brand' option.


    Target Audience

    The group of people who your product/service sees as potential leads or customers. These are the audience who you would want interacting with your posts and follow your channels on social media. They can be people from a particular, location, jobs etc.

    Team Members

    These are users who can help you manage and perform activities in your Zoho Social Brand. You can define Team Member roles through the Settings and assign permissions respectively. Ex: Content marketer, Intern, Social media analyst etc.

    Team Notification

    These are specific alerts to activities happening inside your Brand dashboard. For instance, when a new person is added to the Brand or when you're tagged in a Discussion or a Draft. Team Notifications button is located on the top right corner of your dashboard, right next to the general notifications button.

    Thumbnail Preview

    An image preview generated for a post containing an outgoing link which also contains the title and description of the webpage.


    A ticket is a customer service complaint that's generated for your Brand with a unique Ticket ID. If you have a Zoho Desk account and have linked it to your Zoho Social account, you can create and push tickets directly from your interactions on Social (Monitor streams or DMs) straight to your Desk account.


    A setting that ensures that content is published at the specific time and date setting for every global time-zone.


    On Zoho Social you can set your preferred timezone in the Brand Information bar, in Settings. When you're scheduling a post, your Publishing window will display a. Brand time-zone (set by you) & b. Browser's timezone (if you're working from different time-zones). You can choose which one to schedule for.

    Twitter Lists

    Public or private lists you can create on Twitter, to group some of the people, profiles, and brands that you're following.

    Twitter Profile

    A Twitter account or a 'handle' prefixed by @ which is used to represent a person, event, or organization on Twitter.

    Twitter Thread

    A Twitter thread is a series of connected Tweets made by a profile. With a thread you can provide additional context, an update, or an extended point by connecting multiple Tweets together.


    Unattempted Posts

    A scheduled post that wasn't published because an Admin paused all publishing for the brand at that time. It can be re-published/scheduled by going to Unpublished Posts and setting the filter Unattempted posts, then clicking on Retry Now or Schedule Again button.

    Unpublished Posts

    A section under the Posts tab that acts as a repository of all content that went Unpublished either due to technical errors, content issues, or because your content was on 'Pause' mode. You can retrieve Unpublished content from here, and republish or reschedule it anytime.

    URL Shortener

    A link shortening service that generates a short-sized version of a longer URL. Zoho Social provides two URL shortening services - an integration with the third-party app bit.ly and our own built-in service zurl.


    Any member added by the Portal Admin to a Brand is called a 'User'. A User can be assigned any defined role and permissions or Admin privileges by the Portal Admin.

    User Search

    A column in the Monitor tab that lets you find a particular Twitter profile such as a customer or a brand and get feed updates from them.



    You can make video-calls to any of your teammates inside Zoho Social to collaborate on projects, and discuss content ideas. Simply click on the video icon on any teammate's user image to initiate a video-call.



    Get the zShare Browser Extension so you can schedule and publish posts while browsing the internet, without even leaving the browser tab. You can click on the zShare icon to publish images, links, and text.


    Free link shortening service attached to your Zoho Social Publishing window. This lets you tighten your URLs.