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Start your digital signing journey from your digital workplace

Paperwork is a pain. Executing a single agreement involves the collaboration of multiple teams, including legal, finance, sales, and marketing. That’s why we simplified the process with the Zoho Sign and Zoho Workplace integration.


Say goodbye to paperwork hassles with document and signature automation.

Zoho Sign—the preferred digital signature solution for more than 35,000 businesses—can help you sign, send, and manage business documents directly from your digital workplace. Integrated with Zoho Workplace, the tool can help you execute your agreements in minutes or days, not weeks or months.

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Contextual integrations

Sign, send, and track documents from within Zoho Writer

Draft business documents, sign them, send them out for signatures, and effortlessly track their progress, all from within Zoho Writer. Maximize efficiency with automated signing workflows, saving you valuable time and effort.

Sign, send, and track documents
Sign, send, and track documents
Sign, send, and track documents

Self-service document signing from your team messenger

Create SignForms in Zoho Sign and use Zoho Cliq to share the SignForm’s URL with colleagues. This enables you to establish a self-service digital signature process using a public link, without needing any coding knowledge.

Self-service document signing

Streamline document workflows

Managing your documents has never been easier. Import Zoho WorkDrive documents into Zoho Sign, send them for signatures, or sign them yourself. Edit documents with Zoho Writer and sync them back into workflows. Safeguard your signed documents by securely backing them up, along with completion certificates, to Zoho WorkDrive through automatic or manual cloud backup.

Streamline document workflows

Sign and send documents from your inbox

Streamline your document signing process right from your Zoho Mail inbox. This integration enables you to effortlessly sign and send documents for signatures, saving you time and simplifying your workflow.

Sign and send documents from your inbox

Why choose Zoho Sign for Zoho Workplace?

  • Strong security

    You can relax knowing that Zoho Sign protects your sensitive business documents. It offers advanced features—such as multi-factor authentication and tamper-proof audit trails—and implements strong encryption both at rest and in transit. This significantly reduces the possibility of data theft.

  • Smart single sign-on

    Simplify your login experience and eliminate the need to remember numerous passwords. Access Zoho Sign effortlessly by signing in with your Zoho account credentials.

  • eSign on the go

    Experience the convenience of accessing vital business documents from anywhere. With Zoho Sign, effortlessly sign and secure your paperwork with just a few taps.

  • Stay compliant

    Zoho Sign complies with various electronic signature laws and regulations across the globe, including the eIDAS in the EU, UETA and ESIGN Act in the US, and IT Act of 2000 in India. It also guarantees the safeguarding of documents and data in accordance with privacy regulations like the GDPR in the EU and the CCPA in California.

Execute your agreements from your digital workplace