A secure and reliable digital signature app for the healthcare industry

Ease patient onboarding and improve the quality of staff experience by switching to digital signatures for all your medical and administrative paperwork.

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A secure and reliable digital signature app for the healthcare industry

Redefine medical paperwork with Zoho Sign

The medical industry is transforming and relying on technology to provide a better experience to both patients and healthcare employees. With Zoho Sign, healthcare professionals around the world can digitize their document workflows, improve overall productivity, and provide a secure and confidential documentation experience to their patients.

Popular use cases

  • Patient forms
  • Medical certificates
  • Consent forms
  • Medical reports
  • Prescriptions
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Compliance documents
  • Power of attorney forms
  • Purchase orders for medical equipment
  • Procurement forms for medical supplies
Patient centric

Patient centric

Provide a seamless experience to your patients by automating and digitizing medical paperwork processes with Zoho Sign.

Healthcare Economical


Healthcare professionals spend a lot of resources on managing physical records, and this can negatively impact the efficiency of their operations. With Zoho Sign, you can save time and reduce administrative and operational costs associated with physical paperwork.

Safeguards against privacy breaches

Safeguards against privacy breaches

Zoho Sign protects both administrative and patient data by using public key infrastructure (PKI) technology for digital signatures. Zoho Sign also ensures enhanced data integrity by providing various advanced features like multi-factor authentication, usage reports, tamper-proof audit trails, and digital certificates. Additionally, Zoho Sign encrypts all data and documents at rest using the AES-256 standard and SSL/TLS encryption when they're sent over the web.

Legally Compliant

Legally Compliant

Zoho Sign is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the US, and it offers measures for controlled use under the FDA's 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. The app also complies with various electronic signature laws around the world, such as the eIDAS in the EU, UETA and ESIGN Act in the US, IT Act of 2000 in India, and many more. Zoho Sign secures all documents and data under various privacy regulations like the GDPR in the EU and the CCPA in the state of California. This means all documents signed with Zoho Sign are secure and legally binding.

Patient centric

"Zoho Sign has allowed me as a leader to be more efficient when onboarding new employees, contractors, and partners."

Kenny Schiff

Founder and Managing Partner, CareSight LLC