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Signing PDF documents

As the digital domination continues, businesses and individuals are looking to replace conventional methods of signing with the digital alternative of e-signing documents. Out with the old, in with the new! Sign PDFs electronically. You can upload a document of any format, convert it into a PDF, and start the signing process. PDF signing is child's play, especially with a user-friendly digital signature app like Zoho Sign. It opens the door for streamlined and automated document workflows.

How to e-sign a PDF

Zoho Sign supports widely-used document file types, including PDF, PNG, DOCX, and XLSX. All of these file formats are automatically converted into PDF format upon uploading, and can be digitally signed. To digitally sign PDF documents online, all you need to do is follow six simple steps:

  • Register for a Zoho Sign free trial and sign in to your account.
  • Click the Sign yourself button on the dashboard.
  • Click on Add document to upload or import your documents, or simply drag and drop the files.
  • Click Continue.
  • Add your digital signature by dragging and dropping the signature field onto the PDF.
  • Hit the Finish button.

And voila! You have digitally signed a PDF document.

Three reasons to sign a PDF digitally

Digitally signing PDFs helps you send and sign documents quickly and at little to no cost. Enjoy exceptional convenience by bidding adieu to cumbersome physical signing processes. Here are three reasons (out of many) why you should switch to signing PDFs digitally:


80% faster turnaround time


A whopping $20 saved per envelope on average


Over 50 hours saved per employee annually