Zoho Sign + Make (formerly Integromat)

Automate e-signing workflows in a few clicks.

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Connect Zoho Sign with your everyday apps

Thousands of businesses worldwide use Make to connect their apps and build automated workflows without any piece of coding. Zoho Sign's integration with Make (formerly Integromat) now lets you connect Zoho Sign with hundreds of apps to automate your digital signature workflows.

everyday apps

Build scenarios in a few clicks

Scenarios are what Make calls workflows, and you can connect Zoho Sign with any of your favorite apps to automate a series of signing actions as you like.

Build scenarios in a few clicks

Why choose Zoho Sign and Make (formerly Integromat)?


Double your productivity

Define and automate digital signing workflows to save time and money while getting more work done.


Robust features

Leverage enterprise-grade features such as customized email templates, webhooks, blockchain-based timestamping, and much more. 


Mobile access

Both Zoho sign and Make (formerly Integromat) offer native mobile apps for iOS and Android to manage your digital signature workflows on the go.

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