The quick, easy way to sign, send and manage documents

Learn how easy it is to digitally sign, send, and manage legally binding documents securely using Zoho Sign.

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Send a Document

Send documents in the blink of an eye

Upload a document

Upload documents from your local drive or import from your preferred cloud storage service.

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Add the list of recipients

Add recipients, define roles, and set the signing order for a document.

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Place form fields and send the document

Place form-fields for each of the signers and hit send.

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Sign a Document

Sign documents from anywhere

Open signing link

Initiate the signing process by clicking the link sent to your email.

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Enter the authentication code

Enter your authentication code if enforced and start signing.

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Fill in the field values

Fill out all the fields and finish the signing process

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Manage Documents

Manage signed documents effortlessly.

Check document status

Check how your documents are performing and take quick actions based on the status.

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Complete audit trails

Get a complete history of all actions performed on a document along with the certification of completion for the finished documents.

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Customized Templates

Create customizable templates and use them whenever you need.

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