How to create digital signatures

Are you looking for ways to sign your business document digitally? No worries. It's easier than ever to find a solution that's easy, quick, and often free.

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Digital signatures are today's alternative to signing documents with paper and pen. You can create your digital signature online with a digital signature solution like Zoho Sign and also collect digital signatures from others. Worried about legality? No problem. Digitally signed documents are valid in the court of law.

How to create a digital signature

  • Sign up for a digital signature solution. Many, such as Zoho Sign, are free.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and complete the account setup.
  • Read this section of our help documention to get started with the tool and create a digital signature.

What should I do when I receive an email with a link asking me to sign business documents digitally?

  • Click the link and open the document using your digital signature solution.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions to start signing the document.
  • Verify your identity and follow on the on-screen instructions.
  • E-sign your business documents in a few clicks.