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Are you someone who still signs business documents with paper and pens? How about getting documents signed in minutes instead of waiting for days or hours? With Zoho sign, you can now securely sign, send, and manage your business documents from anywhere in a few clicks.

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Don't just stop with eSignatures. Configure workflows, integrate your everyday apps with our pre-built integrations or APIs, and save more time and money.

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You might be a budding startup or a fast-growing small business or a big enterprise. We offer powerful features and an affordable pricing model that caters to the needs of all businesses.

Some frequently asked digital signature questions.

What is a digital signature?

Digital signatures are a modern alternative to handwritten signatures used on digital documents and forms as proof of identity. They are legally valid, secure, and verifiable.

Are e-signatures and digital signatures the same?

No. Digital signatures are a subset of electronic signatures that are more secure and ensure non-repudiation. Zoho Sign is a digital signature application and follows the Public Key Infrastructure protocol.

Are Zoho Sign's digital signatures legally valid?

Yes. Zoho Sign meets the compliance standards of popular e-sign laws worldwide including the ESIGN act in the United States, EIDAS in the European Union, and PIPEDA in Canada. Learn more.

Are Zoho Sign's digital signatures secure?

We follow the industry-standard best practices and offer rock-solid security and privacy to protect our customer data. All data is protected using AES-256 encryption at rest and SSL encryption in transit. Learn more.

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