Electronic signature for contracts

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Electronic signature for contracts

What is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature, or e-sign, is a paperless alternative to ink signatures. Manually signing documents with pen and paper is cumbersome and time-consuming. Electronic signatures are simple and can also automate the repetitive signing process.

Electronic signatures are also a fast and eco-friendly alternative to wet ink signatures. Learn more about the benefits of e-signing your contracts.

What is an electronic/digital contract?

An electronic contract is an agreement in a digital or online format, mutually agreed upon between two or more parties, that is legally enforceable. From typed documents to written documents that are scanned, there is a range of different types of electronic contracts. Electronic contracts simplify your contract lifecycle management (CLM) by reducing document turnaround time, accelerating signing workflows, and incorporating e-signatures.

Zoho Sign is a comprehensive e-signature tool with which you can e-sign your electronic contracts and manage them efficiently. Create customized, reusable, and signable contract templates, negotiate with counterparties synchronously, collect electronic signatures, and store contracts safely using Zoho Sign.

How do you e-sign electronic contracts?

If you’re sent a contract to sign using Zoho Sign, you don’t have to create a Zoho account to sign it. Within five clicks, you can sign your document by following these steps:

  • Open the document request sent to your email. Verify its contents and click Start signing.
  • Click Proceed to document on the pop-up window that opens. Type in the authentication code, if necessary.
  • Click Agree & Continue once you have read the Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure on the document viewer window.
  • Zoho Sign will prompt you to fill in the necessary fields. On clicking the signature field, the Signature Wizard will help you to type, draw, or upload an image of your signature.
  • Click Finish to complete the signature.
How do you e-sign electronic contracts?

E-sign contracts yourself with Zoho Sign

  • Create a Zoho account and log in to Zoho Sign. Set up your profile and your e-signature. You can type, draw, or upload an image of your signature.
  • On Zoho Sign’s dashboard, click Sign Yourself and import or open a contract from your device.
  • Once the document is uploaded, click Continue to view the contract and fill in the necessary fields. The signature will be pre-filled with the signature from your profile.
  • Click Finish.
  • A dialog box will prompt you to send the signed contract to recipients’ email addresses. You can add their emails and click Send & close.
E-sign contracts yourself with Zoho Sign

Collecting e-signatures on electronic contracts

To send contracts for electronic signing using Zoho Sign, follow these simple steps:

  • On your Zoho Sign dashboard, click Send for signatures and upload or import your contract(s).
  • Fill in the document and recipient details, such as the document name, recipient names, and email addresses.
  • You can further design custom signing workflows by choosing from our various features.
  • Click Continue to view the contract on the document viewer page and add fields as needed.
  • Click Send or click the dropdown button next to Send and select Send later. Choose your preferred date and time, and click Schedule & send.
Collecting e-signatures on electronic contracts

Benefits of using Zoho Sign for your contracts:

Documents are protected by military-grade encryption.

Monitor recipient access using multi-factor authentication.

Edit contracts in synchronously.

Reduce document turnaround time.

Mitigate risks of contract tampering or loss.

Comply to strict electronic signature laws and guidelines across the world, such as HIPAA, GDPR, ETA, ITA-2000, and more.

Execute contracts anywhere, anytime—from your desktops, mobile phones, or web browsers.

Did you know?

Almost 10% of all company contracts are lost. On average, companies lose 9% of their annual revenue in redressing contract mismanagement.

Do you know

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are electronic signatures legally valid?

    Yes, digital signatures are recognised legally across the world. You can check the legality status of electronic signatures in your country/region here.

  • Is e-signing signing your electronic contracts safe?

    Electronic signatures are a safe method to sign your electronic contracts. You can avoid the risks of contract tampering, signature forging, and data inaccuracies due to human error by opting for electronic signatures.

  • How can Zoho Sign help in electronic signing?

    Zoho Sign is a comprehensive, legally enforceable, and easy-to-use electronic signature tool offered by Zoho. You can use Zoho Sign to generate an electronic signature, sign documents online, send documents out for signatures, and store them securely. Zoho Sign can also be used anywhere at any time via the native mobile and desktop apps available on all popular operating systems. Learn more about Zoho Sign's e-signing features and benefits here.

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    Yes, you can try all Zoho Sign features with our 14-day Enterprise trial for free here.

  • Can I use Zoho for contract lifecycle management (CLM)?

    You can author contracts, generate reusable contract templates, e-sign and collect e-signatures, remind recipients, and monitor your contract activity using the various features offered by Zoho Sign. Zoho Sign is also part of Zoho Contracts, our contract management app. If you’re using a different solution for CLM, you can integrate it with Zoho Sign to e-sign via our APIs.

  • Does Zoho Sign provide long-term validation (LTV) for contracts?

    Yes. You can enable LTV by going to Settings > Account settings > Document timestamp. LTV preserves crucial signing data, such as the timestamp and the signer's identity. With LTV, you can verify the digital certificate of contracts signed now months, years, or even decades later. LTV ensures that contracts are verifiable and valid even if the certificate/certifying authority and the signer/organization are currently non-existent.