In-sync data connections

Add live data to your spreadsheet from Zoho services, like Zoho CRM, Books, and Analytics, or from URLs. Choose to keep your data synced automatically with Data Connections!

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Merge Templates

Create and share automated records with dynamic fields mapped to other Zoho services like CRM, Forms and Creator. No more copy-pasting!

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OpenAI functionalities in Zia

Get contextual answers about your data, build formulas and macros, or create a table from scratch in a few seconds, all using Zoho Sheet's integration with OpenAI!

Powerful mobile apps

Why compromise on your working style when using mobile devices? Get our desktop-equivalent app for iPad, and the revamped Android app for your smartphones and tablets, and work seamlessly from anywhere.

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What else does the new version of Sheet offer?


Predefined Tables

Instantly format your data as built-in tables, and conveniently use them in formulas during analysis.


Font Library

Access a refreshing new font library to refine the look of your spreadsheets or add custom fonts of your choice and start using them right away!



Choose your formats and maintain consistency throughout your spreadsheet in just a click with Themes!


Data Bars

Visualize the difference in values in your data using Data Bars—a new addition to the conditional formatting family.


Edit History

Never lose any data while collaborating! Get a list of all the edited values with Edit History in Zoho Sheet

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