Uncover website insights for growth

Get a complete overview of how each of your web pages perform. Optimize your website with consolidated data on critical metrics like top pages, website visitor footprint, drop-offs, and more.

Website performance metrics
Website drop-off analysis
Website engagement report

Analyze the return on your lead generation efforts

Gain insights through visitor and customer analytics, and calculate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts with drilled-down reports on traffic source, visitor location, pages visited, average visits per visitor, time spent, actions, and more.

Lead generation funnel
Lead generation KPIs
Visitors by location
Trend analytics

Improve sales and support team performance

Identify top performers and train your team better based on important KPIs like missed chats, average waiting and response time, chat duration, chats converted to tickets, feedback, and ratings of each team member with detailed live chat analytics.

Live chat agent performance
Chat agent feedback analysis

Set up alerts on key performance metrics

Keep abreast of changes to critical business metrics by setting up alerts on the SalesIQ-Zoho Analytics dashboard. This notifies you when a goal you've set is met or when an unexpected event happens so you can take immediate action.

Data alerts on business metrics

Analyze conversation data to manage your team's workload

Measure your chat influx and customer waiting time, identify your busiest hours, and determine commonly asked questions. These live chat analytics from Zoho SalesIQ data help you train your chatbot and plan a suitable staffing roster to prepare your team to handle high volumes.

Live chat analytics
Live chat analysis
Live chat reports
Live chat metrics

Merge cross-functional data with Zoho SalesIQ reports

Combine and analyze all your business parameters in one place.

Bring in data from Zoho and third-party tools

Import customer data from Zoho CRM, Salesforce CRM, Zoho Desk, and more and merge them with SalesIQ for end-to-end customer analytics.

Combine local data with SalesIQ reports

The Zoho SalesIQ-Zoho Analytics integration also allows you to import data from your local drives, servers, cloud databases, and even email attachments and merge them with your SalesIQ analytics to get more insights into your customer engagement operations.

Combine data from multiple sources

Stay updated on KPIs with prebuilt reports and dashboards

The Zoho SalesIQ-Analytics integration provides 75+ ready-made reports and dashboards to give managers a convenient view of daily site visits, lead generation conversion rates, customer service performance, and overall customer engagement reports. No complicated setup process is required.

Live chat dashboard
Customer engagement dashboard
Marketing dashboard

Collaborate on SalesIQ Analytics with your team

Share analytics reports and dashboards with your team or colleagues to arrive at collective decisions or discuss your team's performance. Don't worry about data security. With fine-grained access permissions in Zoho Analytics, you choose who gets to see and/or work on your Zoho SalesIQ data.

Collaborate on SalesIQ Analytics with your team- Share reports with your team

Zoho SalesIQ + Zoho Analytics: Boost Business performance with comprehensive insights

Watch the video to gain insights into:

  • How Zoho SalesIQ enhances team management and website visitor engagement
  • Converting website visitors into loyal customers through activity analysis
  • Integrating Zoho SalesIQ with Zoho Analytics and Google Analytics for deeper insights
  • Enhancing customer support with detailed chat event tracking
  • Achieving a 360° view of your business performance with Zoho SalesIQ

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Frequently asked questions

What is Zoho Analytics?

Zoho Analytics is a self-service business intelligence and analytics software solution that helps you visualize and analyze raw data to uncover meaningful insights.

Why should I integrate my Zoho SalesIQ account with Zoho Analytics?

The success of customer-centered business operations like marketing, sales, and customer support relies on real-time data about customer experience, previous numbers and trends, employee and staffing effectiveness, and more. Though Zoho SalesIQ gives you all this data in real time, it helps to automate its analysis and have this data represented in an easy-to-understand, visualized manner. The Zoho SalesIQ-Zoho Analytics integration does exactly this and helps you make sense of your Zoho SalesIQ reports with the utmost ease.

Who can access the Zoho SalesIQ-Zoho Analytics integration?

Users with paid accounts in both Zoho SalesIQ (Professional plan onwards) and Zoho Analytics (Basic plan onwards), and Zoho CRM Plus/Zoho One users can use Zoho SalesIQ's integration with Zoho Analytics. Users with the Administrator role in Zoho SalesIQ can enable and configure it.

What data from Zoho SalesIQ will reflect in my Zoho Analytics workspace?

You can sync the following data from Zoho SalesIQ to your Zoho Analytics workspace:

  • Apps
  • Conversations
  • Departments
  • Events
  • Operators
  • Visitors
  • Visits