What is website visitor tracking?

Website visitor tracking is the mechanism of seeing your website visitors in real time, their geo-location, and who referred them, as well as the visitor's behavior on your website like the pages they view, the time spent on each page, or the number of visits.

See what sets Zoho SalesIQ apart from other website visitor tracking software

Real-time website visitor tracking dashboard

Know who's on your website and how they are interacting with your site in real time. Zoho SalesIQ's website visitor tracking dashboard gives you an insightful list of website visitors sorted by the criteria of your choice. You also get details like their location, actions, time spent, traffic source, and more. The dashboard indicates prospects with an ongoing deal in CRM and even shows if visitors are available or idle.

Custom visitor tracker dashboard for sales teams

Configure SalesIQ to show each member of your sales team their target audience in the real-time website visitor tracking dashboard. You can route visitors to each team member based on referral source, the product/service they're interested in, location, and more.

Custom visitor tracker dashboard for sales teams

More than just a website tracking software

With SalesIQ's mobile app chat SDK—Mobilisten, you can also see who's on your mobile app, what section of the app they're on, traffic source, and more. In fact, everything you get with the website visitor tracking extends to your mobile app too!

More than just a website tracking software

Visitor insights always at your fingertips

Though it's a real-time website visitor tracking software, the visitor insights gained are not lost once the visitor exits your site. They're classified as visitors, contacts, and companies, and stored in your SalesIQ portal. You can even take this up a notch by conveniently pushing these details to CRM.

Lead scoring to prioritize website visitors

Determining which prospects to focus on is critical for sales teams. Define lead scoring rules to gauge your website visitors' sales-readiness based on indicators like traffic source, time spent, last active time, past visits, current page, location, and more. In addition to real-time website visitor tracking, Zoho SalesIQ assigns them a lead score so you can cater to those with the highest chance of conversion.

Lead Scoring

Customer engagement powered by website visitor tracking

Visitor activity-based proactive chats

Proactively engaged visitors are five times more likely to buy than the average visitor. Increase conversions by automatically or manually starting conversations with hot leads on high-intent pages like your contact us, demo, or pricing page based on how they interact with your website.

Visitor Activity Visitor Activity

Chatbot conversations based on visitor insights

Set up a chatbot to launch based on the page your visitor is on, their actions on the website, visitor location, and more. You can also customize chatbot flows based on these parameters, like helping them set up a demo when they're on the pricing page for too long or showing location-based products.

Chatbot conversations based on visitor insights
Chatbot conversations based on visitor insights

Build your mailing lists

Configure SalesIQ to automatically add website visitors to your mailing lists based on website visitor tracking parameters like products they're interested in, high-intent pages visited, visit source, lead score, and more.

Build your mailing lists

Returning visitor identification

Amaze returning website visitors by delivering a more personalized experience using insights from their chat history, previous web path, and actions taken on your website.

Bot screen
Bot screen

Visitor notifications on your mobile device

Zoho SalesIQ gives you mobile notifications when new or existing visitors land on your website or mobile app. If you’ve integrated SalesIQ with your CRM account, the notification also indicates if the visitor is a CRM lead, contact, or open potential.


Privacy at the core of personalization

With data protection regulations like GDPR and CCPA in place, businesses always try to stay away from anything that sounds remotely troublesome. Rest easy, we've covered this for you.

To abide by these regulations, you can display a GDPR consent banner when visitors start a chat with you. Website visitors details are collected only if they consent.

Privacy at the core of personalization

Hear from our customers

Zoho SalesIQ helped us identify where we’re getting our visitors from and generate quality leads by directly chatting with them. We get an automated email of visitor behavior and downloadable contact data of visitors, which we use for email marketing to generate traffic and leads.

Murali Krishnan Digital Marketing Manager, ABC Fruits

Before SalesIQ, we never knew where our readers were coming from. When we had installed it, we started realizing that we are getting a good number of page views across the globe. The daily email from SalesIQ helped us improve our story performance. With SalesIQ, we are able to analyze the kind of stories that are performing well and those which did not perform well.

Swaminathan Balasubramanian Founder & Publisher, Chef Bharath

Implementation of SalesIQ was very easy. You can simply copy and paste it into your website, and you get to see the visitor insights instantly and in-live.

Jorge Gonzalez CFO, Borner Corporation

I like how the rings show who’s on our website and give us more information about them. It’s also useful to see where our website visitors came from and the pages they viewed.

Francell Burnett Owner/Agent, Clements Realtors

SalesIQ gives visitor data like the pages the visitor has visited so the live agent can have context while initiating a chat. The visitor tracking data also helped our bot to direct users to relevant teams.

Vinayak Medhekar Backend Developer, Mahindra and Mahindra

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Here's all there is to know about website visitor tracking software

What is website visitor tracker software?

Website visitor tracking software is a piece of code added to a business's website that gives the business a real-time list of visitors on their website along with an array of details like location, actions on the site, time spent, traffic source, and more that can be used for effective customer engagement, conversion, and support.

Why is website visitor tracking important?

Real-time website visitor tracking helps businesses understand who their website visitors are, the source that sends them this traffic, and how these visitors are interacting with the website in real time. These insights can be used to identify top performing pages and modify the website’s flow and content to reduce barriers and nudge visitors to conversion. Visitor tracking software also helps you pick out leads with the highest chances of conversion so you can focus your efforts on them.

What are the key features of website visitor tracking software?

  • Provides real-time data categorized the way you want.
  • Rates your visitors to help you prioritize the hottest leads according to your own definition of the ideal buyer.
  • Indicates if your visitors are landing on your page for the first time or if they're returning.
  • Shows you who was referred through which channels.
  • Tells you the geographical location of your visitors.
  • Gives you a detailed view of the visitor’s path and actions on your website.
  • Shows you which browser or OS (in the case of mobile devices) they’re using.
  • Alerts you when high-prospect leads visit your website or mobile app.
  • Integrates with the CRM of your choice so you can push data to CRM, add further details, and set follow-up actions.

What are the benefits of visitor tracking software?

  • Highlights what content works best using details like page visits, time spent, and user actions, so you can tweak content accordingly.
  • Tells you which social media posts, email campaigns, or ads are driving the most quality leads.
  • Aids you in determining which geographical location most of your prospects are from so you can provide more localized content and deals.
  • Gives you insights on the visitor journey on your website or app so you can reduce bottlenecks.
  • Identifies returning visitors and their details so you can provide more personalized assistance.
  • Tells you which products and sales deals are garnering the most attention.
  • Notifies you when high-quality leads visit your site.
  • Helps you with user profiling and targeted marketing.
  • Gives you first-hand insights into what your prospects and customers expect from your product.
  • Helps customer support teams address user queries without asking too many questions about their browser or device configuration.

Website visitor tracking vs web analytics

website visitor tracking is the process of knowing who your website visitors are, their location and source, as well as their behavior on your site to personalize prospect and customer engagement. All the data you get pertains to individual visitors.

Web analytics, on the other hand, is the collection and analysis of website performance metrics like visits, average time spent by visitors on the site, bounce rates, countries giving you the most traffic, traffic flow between pages, and more. The data you get here is the average of the visits you get, and pertains to each of your webpages.