What is website visitor tracking?

Website visitor tracking is the analysis of who your website visitors are, their geo-location, and who referred them, as well as the visitor's behavior on your website like the pages they view, the time spent on each page, or the number of visits.

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Live visitor tracking

Never let a prospect go unnoticed. Know who's on your website and how they are interacting with your content in real-time. Zoho SalesIQ's web visitor tracking gives you an insightful list of all your visitors sorted into hot, warm, and cold leads based on your own criteria, along with detailed visitor information such as name, location, actions, time spent on site, and more. The dashboard also indicates if the visitors are available, busy, or idle.

Rings View

In this view, visitors are organized in four concentric rings based on the criteria you set, with the hottest prospects in the inner rings and the cold visitors moved outside the rings as stars.  

Rings view

List View

In this view, your visitors are organized into columns based on criteria you specify. Visitors who don't fit into any of the categories fall in the cold visitors tab.

List View

Lead scoring to prioritize visitors

It's critical for sales teams to determine which prospects to focus on. Define rules to gauge your visitors' sales-readiness based on indicators like traffic source, time spent on the website, last active time, number of past visits, current page, location, and more. In addition to real-time visitor tracking, Zoho SalesIQ assigns them a lead score on their second visit so you can cater to visitors with the highest chance of conversion.

Lead ScoringLead Scoring

Activity-based proactive chats

Proactively engaged visitors are five times more likely to buy than an average visitor. Increase conversions by selectively starting conversations with hot leads on high-intent pages like your contact us page, schedule a demo, or pricing page. You can also set rules to automate this.

Visitor ActivityVisitor Activity

Returning visitor identification

Amaze returning visitors by delivering a more personalized experience using insights from their chat history, previous web path, and actions taken on your website.

Bot screen
Bot screen

Visitor notifications on your mobile device

Zoho SalesIQ gives you mobile notifications when new or existing visitors land on your website or mobile app. If you’ve integrated SalesIQ with your CRM account, the notification also indicates if the visitor is a CRM lead, contact, or open potential.


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Why do websites need visitor tracking software?

Real-time website visitor tracking helps businesses understand who their website visitors are, the source that sends them this traffic, and how these visitors are interacting with the website in real time. These insights can be used to identify top performing pages and modify the website’s flow and content to reduce barriers and nudge visitors to conversion. Visitor tracking software also helps you pick out leads with the highest chances of conversion so you can focus your efforts on them.

Key features of website visitor tracking software

  • Provides real-time data categorized the way you want
  • Rates your visitors to help you prioritize the hottest leads according to your own definition of the ideal buyer
  • Indicates if your visitors are landing on your page for the first time or if they're returning
  • Shows you who was referred through which channels
  • Tells you the geographical location of your visitors
  • Gives you a detailed view of the visitor’s path and actions on your website
  • Shows you which browser or OS (in the case of mobile devices) they’re using
  • Alerts you when high prospect leads visit your website or mobile app
  • Integrates with the CRM of your choice so you can push data to CRM, add further details, and set follow-up actions

Benefits of visitor tracking software

  • Highlights what content works best using details like page visits, time spent, and user actions, so you can tweak content accordingly
  • Tells you which social media posts, email campaigns, or ads are driving the most quality leads
  • Aids you in determining which geographical location most of your prospects are from so you can provide more localized content and deals
  • Gives you insights on the visitor journey on your website or app so you can reduce bottlenecks
  • Identifies returning visitors and their details so you can provide more personalized assistance
  • Tells you which products and sales deals are garnering the most attention
  • Notifies you when high-quality leads visit your site
  • Helps you with user profiling and targeted marketing
  • Gives you firsthand insights into what your prospects and customers expect from your product
  • Helps customer support teams address user queries without asking too many questions about their browser or device configuration