Enrich knowledge base with articles

Articles enable you to help your visitors with frequently encountered issues that involve complex steps. You can also include policies and other detailed solutions and information as articles, making it easy for your visitors to access.

A comprehensive collection of articles on your portal will enable visitors to find solutions on their own through self-service or chatbots like Answer Bot, which offers automated assistance based on your knowledge base.

How can the articles be used?

Articles in your portal can be used in the following ways: 

  1. Operators - Your operators can share an article from their chat window for detailed solutions without manually typing them out.
  2. Answer bots - Our in-house AI bot can provide solutions based on articles related to the questions asked by the user.
  3. Self-service - Enabling self-service will allow your users to view your articles on the Zoho SalesIQ chat window on your website to find solutions to their questions.

How do I add articles to my knowledge base? 

You can add articles using the following methods:

  1. Manually create articles 
  2. Import external articles 
  3. Sync articles from Zoho Desk

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