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"Zoho SalesIQ helped us identify where we’re getting our visitors from and generate quality leads by directly chatting with them. We get an automated email of visitor behavior and downloadable contact data of visitors, which we use for email marketing to generate traffic and leads. Zoho SalesIQ’s mobile app helps us keep connected with our customers 24/7."

Murali Krishnan, Digital Marketing Manager, ABC Fruits

"Our experience with Zoho SalesIQ has been very positive. We are able to now concentrate more on generating sales to both existing and new customers by being easily accessible. Zoho SalesIQ is well-integrated with Zoho CRM. The team behind Zoho SalesIQ is listening to customer requests and constantly trying to improve the product."

Bo Thygesen, Director | Business Development

"After embedding Zoho SalesIQ on our website and operational platform we are closing deals faster and our customer support has never been so efficient. With Zoho SalesIQ, we have raised the bar of customer relationship. The platform is friendly for both sides and connects well with Zoho CRM, giving us complete information of whom we're talking to."

Rodrigo Ferrer, CTO | Pró-Laudo
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We understand the problems startups face


Limited budget


Limited personnel


Time management

Presenting the perfect customer engagement platform to unchain you from these startup constraints

Enjoy cost-effective pricing

Software prices have sky-rocketed since the pandemic, but our customer messaging platform for startups starts at $7/month/agent and is loaded with features like live chat routing, automated messages, screen share, audio call, and a lot more.

We also provide free live chat software that you can start with, covering all the basic features businesses look for.

free customer messaging platform for startups  

Build multilingual chatbots in minutes

You don't have to look around for developers to build you a chatbot. With our codeless website chatbot builder, all you have to do to build a custom chatbot is, create a bot flow using our drag-and-drop interface and type in your bot's responses. You can also set your chatbot to respond in up to 30 languages, making SalesIQ the best customer messaging platform for startups.

For detailed use cases, read our article on chatbots for startups

easy-to-use chatbot builder for startups

Stop worrying about losing out on prospects

Spark your target audience's interest by proactively engaging them at the right time using automated chat triggers built into our conversational messaging platform for startups. Now that means, less bounce rate!

conversational messaging platform for startups

Provide multi-channel assistance from a single dashboard

With support for multiple instant messaging(IM) channels including Whatsapp, Instagram, Telegram, LINE, and Facebook Messenger, prospects and customers can instantly reach you right from their favorite messaging channels, eliminating queues and increasing customer satisfaction.

Multi-channel customer engagement platform for startupss

Sell on the go with the SalesIQ mobile app

You can't be be glued to your chair waiting to answer customer queries while you have much more to take care of. Get notified of important chat and calls, connect with prospects, close deals, and support customers while on the move with the SalesIQ mobile app for Android and iOS.

Startup customer messaging mobile app
Mobile apps for startup customer engagement

Scale up with the best startup engagement tool

Try zoho salesiq now

We have a program just for you—Zoho for Startups

Bringing a business idea to life from zero is one of the hardest things, and every step in the journey requires you to face challenges on many levels. We've got your back from the very beginning with the Zoho for Startups plan, which offers access to more than 50 tools to scale your business.

Zoho for startups

What's in the bag for you?

  $2500 Wallet credits
  Free consultation
  50+ integrated applications
  24/5 support

* Startups with current or previous paid subscriptions to Zoho's applications are not eligible.

** Startups that have previously received the benefits of the Zoho for Startups program are not eligible to apply.

*** Only startups based in India, Indonesia, and the MEA region are eligible for this program.

Scaling up has never been this easy

Try it to believe it

Frequently asked questions?

What is a customer engagement platform?  

A customer engagement platform is software that lets a business interact and engage with its customers and prospects at all possible touchpoints throughout the buyer's journey.

Why do startups need a customer messaging platform?  

A lost prospect is a lost opportunity that a startup cannot afford, especially in its initial stage. With a small task force and a limited budget, it becomes difficult for a startup to cater to all the prospects. This is where a customer messaging platform for startups comes in.

How do customer engagement solutions help startups?  

Customer engagement solutions not only capture important information about the prospect automatically—they also grab their attention through personalized messages. A customer engagement platform for startups helps businesses engage with their customers throughout their journey in a personalized manner.

What are the benefits of using Zoho SalesIQ as a customer messaging platform for startups?  

Unlike other customer messaging platforms, you don't have to break the bank for Zoho SalesIQ. It's as cost-effective as SAAS software gets and is packed with a great deal of features that will help your business engage, identify, and convert prospects into customers.

SalesIQ offers a free trial of its enterprise edition so you can understand its full potential, and thereafter, you can use SalesIQ's free live chat software offers all the basic functionalities startups look for like 100 chats/month, visitor tracking, mobile apps, plugins and extensions, in-app chat, and more. No hidden charges, no marketing gimmicks, just a free conversational messaging platform for startups.