Here's a comparison of Zoho SalesIQ and LiveChat.

  • Plan
  • Price/Month$12/agent $59/agent
  • Visitor routing  
  • Visitor tracking100K1K
  • Anonymous visitor identification with ClearBit integration  
  • Lead scoring  
  • Audio call  
  • Rule-based chat routing Limited
  • Chat routing metrics  
  • Bots Additional $
  • Articles  
  • Internal operator chat and message board  
  • Desktop App Mac, Ubuntu, and WindowsMac and Windows

Read on to know why Zoho SalesIQ is the best alternative to LiveChat


Lead scoring to prioritize your visitors

Your team's time is valuable, so it's important that you go after the right prospects. Zoho SalesIQ scores your visitors based on the criteria you set, like traffic source, time spent on the website, last active time, number of past visits, current page, location, and more so there's no room for guesswork.


Visitor routing

Set filters to route website visitor groups to different members of your team. This way, each team member's live visitor dashboard contains only those visitors that match the set criteria and they can focus on engaging with their target groups.


Rule-based chat routing

There's more to assigning chats that just URL-based routing. Define rules to automatically route chats to agents or departments based on different parameters like source, location, page URL, the stage they're at in the sales cycle, the question they've asked, the number of past chats, and more.


Chat routing metrics

Customers use live chat for its immediacy. Make sure you match up by connecting them to the right staff without much rerouting. Zoho SalesIQ gives you detailed metrics on how many chats have been missed/forwarded, the resolution time, and the number of times a rule has been triggered so you can optimize it for a great customer experience.


AI-powered chatbot builder

Deploy intelligent virtual assistants to support your customers and reduce your team's load. Zobot—Zoho SalesIQ's enterprise-ready bot platform—lets you build custom chatbots


Built-in audio call

Take your customer interaction to the next level using Zoho SalesIQ's in-chat audio call feature. Now you can get on a call with your customers in a click and they can talk to you without having to dial toll-free numbers or listen to call waiting tones or IVRs.


In-chat knowledge base

Ease your team's work by letting visitors help themselves. Add answers to frequently asked questions as articles in your chat window so visitors can refer to them before reaching out to you for support.


Visitor identification with ClearBit

Personalize your visitor engagement with customer details like their company, role, social media profile, industry, location, time zone, and what technology the company already uses, all unmasked with our ClearBit Reveal and Enrichment integrations.


Built with your team in mind

With Zoho SalesIQ, you don't have to leave the app to discuss customer queries with members of your team. Chat with your teammates individually or as a group, or even make team-wide announcements using the message board.

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