Encrypt the plain text


To encrypt the given plain text using a specified encryption type.

OAuth Scope


Request headers:

  • content-type [Mandatory] - To specify the content type of the request payload. (Values: application/json)

Request payload:

  • type [Mandatory]  - To specify the encryption type to encrypt the given plain texts. (Values: siqidentifiers)
    • Smart identifiers in campaigns will include visitor's name and email in the identifier link which might lead to some privacy concerns.
    • Using the encryption type siqidentifiers you can generate encrypted values for the visitor's name and email and use them in the smart identifiers. SalesIQ will decrypt the values and identify the visitors automatically keeping your campaigns safe and secure. To know how SalesIQ uses Smart identifiers to identify visitors, check out our help guide here
  • values [Mandatory] - To specify the plain texts to be encrypted based on the type. 
    Note: A list of 20 elements can be given for encryption. Each element will be trimmed before encryption.






Request body sample

  "values":["Patricia", "patricia@zylker.com"]

Response body sample