This card helps to get the name of the website visitor.

typeYesThe type of input to be displayed to the visitorname
placeholderYesDefault text that is displayed before the input is given



"placeholder": "Enter your name"


valueNoThe value to be prefilled in the input


"value": "Patricia Boyle"


errorNoThe error message that is displayed when invalid input is given


error: {"Enter name as per govt issued id"}



In order to update the values obtained here inside Zoho SalesIQ, you can make use of field_name.

Channel compatibility and limitations


The bot will collect all general details such as name, email address, phone number, and other information as similar to the website. 


Sample code

  "platform": "ZOHOSALESIQ",
  "action": "reply",
  "replies": ["Great! May I know your name?"],
  "input" : {
	"placeholder" : "Enter your name", 
	"value" : "Patricia",
	"error" : ["Enter a valid name"]