Why is Zoho SalesIQ one of the best alternatives to Freshchat?

Over 450,000 businesses feel SalesIQ offers value for money right out of the box. You don't have to take our word for it. You can try it for yourself for free.


Identify and close high-value leads

Unlike Freshchat, SalesIQ's live visitor tracking lets you prioritize visitors based on real-time website interactions, customized to your business needs. Convert hot leads into paying customers, never missing a golden opportunity.


Unleash team collaboration

SalesIQ empowers agents with seamless one-on-one and group interactions. Collaborate efficiently with note-taking during chat transfers, ensuring smooth customer experiences.


Protect your team's well-being

Shield your agents from impolite customers with SalesIQ's Profanity Management, ensuring professional and safe interactions.


Make data-driven decisions

Unlike Freshchat's limited data insights, Zia (your built-in AI assistant) automatically gathers crucial information (name, company, website) for personalized communication, empowering your sales reps to close deals faster.


Engage every visitor, proactively

Understand visitor behavior and trigger proactive bot chats on high-intent pages like "Contact Us" or "Schedule a Demo," guiding them towards conversions.


Unlock the power of hybrid chatbots

SalesIQ's innovative approach combines the AI-powered intelligence of Answer Bot with the multilingual capabilities of Zobot's chatbot building platform. Extend multilingual bot support to popular messaging channels like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.

Boost customer engagement & sales with SalesIQ: The smarter Freshchat alternative

SalesIQ vs. Freshchat: See the Difference

  • Features
  • Customer Support
  • Click-to-call    
  • Audio calling    
  • Reopen conversation   
  • Voice notes  
  • File sharing  
  • Screen sharing  
  • RTL support  
  • Agent Support
  • Chat routing  
  • Live translate  
  • Call recording  
  • CSV export  
  • Internal notes  
  • Abusive content management  
  • Block IP  
  • Company profile enrichment  
  • Knowledge base  
  • Widgets  
  • Visitor routing  
  • Third party messaging app integration  
  • Agent-to-agent chat  
  • Customer Engagement
  • Triggers  
  • Chatbots
  • Codeless bot  
  • Answer bot  
  • Visitor Tracking
  • Lead scoring  
  • Live tracking  
  • Channels
  • Instagram  
  • WhatsApp    
  • Telegram  
  • Facebook  
  • LINE  
  • WeChat    (Third-party)
  • Mobile SDK
  • Push notifications  
  • Android  
  • iOS  
  • Cross-platform support  
  • Tracking   (Device permissions, screen resolution, storage, and much more)   (Limited)
  • Customization (Create your own UI) (Limited)
  • Multi-device sync  
  • Multilingual support (28 languages) (Limited)
  • Bots (Advanced AI-powered bots) (Limited)
  • Integration (Rich integrations) (Limited)
  • Mobile App
  • Android  
  • iOS  
  • Desktop App
  • Mac  
  • Windows  
  • Security
  • GDPR Compliance  
  • Pricing (operator/month)
  • Free $0.00 Free $0.00
  • Basic $7.00 Growth $17.00
  • Professional $12.75 Professional $49.00
  • Enterprise $20.00 Enterprise $79.00

What our customers say?


Our website is very interactive for designing clothing online and that comes with a number of questions that customer have. So we can jump right in their design experience with Zoho SalesIQ and answer questions and create value for them on the fly. It is incredibly strong and powerful for bringing new customers on.


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