Manage the entire customer journey from the first visit to after-sales support. Get every customer’s details and interaction-history at your fingertips. 

  • Plan
  • Price/user/month$12*$29
  • Live visitor dashboard  
  • New visitor mobile notifications  
  • Lead scoring  
  • Automatic chat routing Limited
  • Chat routing metrics  
  • Internal operator chat and message board  
  • Chat monitor  
  • Bots Limited
  • Integration with Zia, Dialogflow, IBM Watson, and Webhooks  
  • Articles Additional $
  • Pre-built reports and dashboards Limited
  • Export website visitor list  
  • Desktop App for Mac, Ubuntu, and Windows  

Meet Zobot—Your smart companion

Your chatbots can be more than conversational forms. Zobot, our low-code bot platform, supports AI assistants like Zia, IBM Watson, and Dialogflow so you can build highly customizable bots that serve as smart virtual assistants. You can also use webhooks to make your bots perform complex actions like feeding data to your servers in real time and retrieving data in response to customer inquiries, all without you programming each action.

Know who's on your website


Live visitor dashboard

Track your visitor's footprint on your website even before your initial interaction with them. Get a real-time list of your visitors classified into Hot/Warm/Cold leads so your sales team can focus their efforts on potentials with a higher purchase intent. 


Mobile notifications

Now you don't have to be tied to your desk for fear of missing out on a lead that could be your next big customer. With the Zoho SalesIQ mobile app, you get notified every time there's a new visitor on your website. 


Target the right visitors with lead scoring

Define your own rules to rate visitors based on factors like traffic source, number of visits, the page they're on, their actions on the website, location, and more. Based on this, Zoho SalesIQ assigns them a lead score so you can focus on those with the highest chance of conversion. 


Enable self service with in-chat articles

Add answers to FAQs as articles inside your chat window and make it easier for customers to find what they want without having to reach out to you every time.


Measure the efficacy of your routing rules

Customers are the happiest when they get immediate answers to their questions. Improve CSAT scores by connecting your customers to the right staff without any forwarding. Zoho SalesIQ gives you a detailed report on how many times your staff has missed/forwarded a chat, the resolution time, and the number of times a routing rule has been triggered. 


Keep your team in the loop

Stay on the same page with your team. Use the internal message board to announce ongoing offers or policy changes so your team can pass it on to prospects. You can also talk to your teammates individually or as a group using the internal operator chat.


Resolve complex issues over a call

Make exceptional customer service your unique selling proposition. Zoho SalesIQ lets visitors reach you through voice call from within the chat window without any setup or installation. 


Chat monitoring to handhold trainees

Ensure your new joinees learn the tricks of the trade without risking quality. Our chat monitor lets you view their interactions with visitors and provide feedback before they hit "send," or even join an ongoing chat when they need help. You can also set up monitors to view all chats from a particular visitor, agent, or IP address.

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