JavaScript API

  • Does SalesIQ have an API?

    Yes, we do have JavaScript APIs that allows you to customize the SalesIQ further. Learn more from our API documentation.

  • How can I use the JavaScript APIs?

    • You need to choose the required JavaScript API, copy-paste the code in your website's source code between <script> tags along with the Zoho SalesIQ widget code, and the rest will be taken care of.
    • The chosen JavaScript API code should be pasted right after Zoho SalesIQ widget code.
    • All the API codes must be enclosed within the Zoho SalesIQ global handler "$zoho.salesiq.ready=function(embedinfo){}".
    • You can call any number of JS APIs within the Zoho SalesIQ global handler.
  • Can I customize my tracking views using JS-APIs?

    Yes, Zoho SalesIQ offers a number of JavaScript APIs for tracking. Learn more.

  • How can I handle visitor events using APIs?

    You can make use of the visitor event handler APIs to handle visitor events on your website. Learn more.

  • Can I use JS-APIs to customize my chat widget?

    Yes, you can customize every aspect of the chat widget that is to be embedded on your website using the .custom.html() API. Learn more.

Rest API

  • Are there any Rest APIs that I can use?

    Yes, Zoho SalesIQ offers a big bunch of Rest APIs to choose from. Learn more from our Rest API documentation

  • How can I route visitors using Rest API?

    You can use this API to add a visitor routing rule. Learn more.{screenname}/visitorroutingrules

  • How can I get the list of portals?

    You can use the GET Portal List API to display the list of all the portals associated with a particular account, along with all the prime particulars associated with each of those portals.

  • Can I use APIs to get the details of operators?

    You can use the GET Operator API to procure the details of a particular operator of your firm.

  • How can I regsiter my application with Zoho's Developer Console?

    You will have to first register your application with Zoho's Developer console in order get your user's client ID and the client secret. Click here to know about the entire process.

Mobile SDK

  • How do I install live chat on my mobile application?

    You can install live chat on your mobile application using the iOS/Android mobile SDKs offered by Zoho SalesIQ. Learn more about our iOS SDK and Android SDK.

  • Can I configure push notifications on iOS?

    You can configure to receive the push messages from SalesIQ, and you can send the Push notification to the app user when the user is not in the SalesIQ application or using the mobile. Learn more.

  • Can I customise the Zoho SalesIQ live chat?

    Yes, you can make customizations to the live chat inside your mobile application using the respective SDKs.

    To know more about iOS customizations, check the iOS-SDK customization guide and for Android customizations, check out the Android-SDK customization guide.

  • How can I embed the code inside my iOS mobile application?

    You can either embed the code inside your iOS mobile application using Cocoapods or manually. Learn more.

  • How to install the Zoho SalesIQ SDK inside my Android mobile application

    The SDK supports Android API level 14 and above. Click here to learn how to install the SDK in your application.