Customize the Zoho SalesIQ live chat

How would you like to launch the live chat in your application?

Show the Zoho SalesIQ launcher

You can display the Zoho SalesIQ chat launcher on the application by selecting the Show chat button option.  Once the option is enabled, you can view the floating action button in the bottom right corner of your app. You can also hide the chat button using the Hide chat button option, and use your custom laucher to open the live chat.


By default, the Show chat button option will be enabled.

Create a custom launcher

You can create a custom launcher, if you’d like to open the live chat  using your customized button in your application.

yourButton.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener()
                   public void onClick(View v)

Update the unread count in your custom launcher

Using this API, you can get the unread message count  and update in your custom launcher. 


You can also update the unread count in the custom launcher by registering the following listener.

ZohoSalesIQ.Notification.setListener(new NotificationListener() {
              public void onBadgeChange(int count)
                            //update badge count here

Register & Unregister Visitor

If your app has login and logout life cycles, you can enroll your visitor to synchronize across your platforms.

//after login
ZohoSalesIQ.registerVisitor("unique id");
//after logout
Note: Unregister visitor will clear the session of the visitor and then identified as anonymous visitor.

Update visitor data

Using this API, you can also update the visitor information such as name, email address and phone number.

ZohoSalesIQ.Visitor.setName("visitor name");
ZohoSalesIQ.Visitor.setContactNumber("contact number");
ZohoSalesIQ.Visitor.setEmail("email id");