For Staffing Agency

Our enterprise-ready platform comes with a built-in client portal, resume processing tools and more to ensure hiring processes are fool-proof. Agency recruitment is definitely effortless now.

Sourcing Techniques

Enhance the visibility of your job openings to find talent through Zoho Recruit's candidate sourcing tools.

Sourcing Techniques Sourcing Techniques Sourcing Techniques Sourcing Techniques

Multiple Job posting Post once. Publish everywhere. Extend your reach by posting your jobs to the best job boards to improve the quality of hires. Sourcing Techniques

Social recruiting Have your job postings found by millions of job seekers through Facebook jobs and Apply with LinkedIn. Sourcing Techniques

Source Talent Faster Instantly search candidates who are the best fit for your organization, access resumes, and initiate the hiring process with our powerful source boosters. Sourcing Techniques

Resume management Standardize your organization's resume structure with effective resume management tools like Resume Inbox, Resume Extractor and Formatted Resume. Sourcing Techniques

  • Multiple Job posting
  • Social recruiting
  • Source Talent Faster
  • Resume management

AI Assistance

From identifying talent to mapping behavioural assessments of candidates, our powerful artificial intelligence features can help you select the right talent.

AI Assistance AI Assistance AI Assistance AI Assistance AI Assistance

Perfect candidate matches Match and associate the right candidates exponentially quicker with Zia. Get a list of candidates that are graded and ranked based on how much they match with the job requirements. AI Assistance

Increase search accuracy Semantic search helps you to reduce time-to-hire by matching all key criteria outlined in your job description within a few milliseconds, no matter how expansive your candidate database is. AI Assistance

Say "hello" to Smart Search Search and find records instantly with Recruit’s Smart Search feature, which starts searching as you type, so your search is over before you even finish typing. AI Assistance

Hire people with right skillset Set must-have and nice-to-have skills for a job opening even before publishing. Zoho recruit's AI engine calculates the applicant's skill score and identify candidates within seconds. AI Assistance

Parse Resumes Reduce clicks by leveraging Zoho Recruit's effective resume parsing tool to extract details and populate candidate, contact, and job records. AI Assistance

  • Perfect candidate matches
  • Increase search accuracy
  • Say "hello" to Smart Search
  • Hire people with right skillset
  • Parse Resumes

Assess and Evaluate

Every organization has their own way of assessing candidates. Use templates for consistent assessments and collaborate with your hiring team.

Assess and Evaluate Assess and Evaluate Assess and Evaluate Assess and Evaluate

Client Portal Bridge the communication gap between you and your client. With Client Portal your clients can create new job openings, send feedback for candidates submitted for review and make interview decisions. Assess and Evaluate

Run background checks Maintain safe, compliant, and inclusive hiring practices with Zoho Recruit's background screening functionality. Assess and Evaluate

Assess first, then interview Resumes alone don't give you all the information you need to choose the right person. Create pre-screening assessments to measure candidates' skill, and direct applicants to the jobs they fit best. Assess and Evaluate

Leveraging Video Interview Go beyond the typical hiring borders in search of top talent. With one-way video interview assess more candidates in less time. Assess and Evaluate

  • Client portal
  • Run background checks
  • Assess first, then interview
  • Leveraging Video Interview

Candidate Experience

The current job market is 90% candidate driven. Leave lasting impression on candidates to join your organisation and keep them in the know.

Candidate Experience Candidate Experience Candidate Experience Candidate Experience
  • Build an employer brand
  • Candidate portal
  • Send SMS/ Make calls
  • Email marketing with Zoho Campaigns

Build an employer brand List all your job openings on a custom career page to ensure it's easy for candidates to apply for the right position. Candidate Experience

Candidate portal Bring candidates directly to your recruitment system and qualify suitable candidates. Candidates can apply to a specific job, submit information for future opportunities and track job status. Candidate Experience

Send SMS/ Make calls Think outside the inbox and use text message services to notify candidates and clients from the app. Zoho Phonebridge enables recruiters to make phone calls and send reminders from the Zoho Recruit interface. Candidate Experience

Email marketing with Zoho Campaigns Manage your entire email marketing process by tracking responses from candidates and clients. Send out campaigns, measure campaign effectiveness and analyse results. Candidate Experience

Applicant Tracking

Make the right hiring decision with the right information at your fingertips. Let your recruitment process be data-driven.

Applicant Tracking Applicant Tracking Applicant Tracking Applicant Tracking

Candidate hiring pipeline Get a panoramic view of job openings. From screening to hire, view the candidate status in the recruitment process. Applicant Tracking

Optimize recruiting KPIs Track recruiting key performance indicators like time-to-hire, time-to-fill, age of job, offer acceptance rate and optimize the process of hiring candidates. Applicant Tracking

Analytics that lead to strategies Generate reports with advanced Recruit analytics to get insights into candidate interview status, job opening status and much more. Applicant Tracking

Source Analytics Monitor the status of your job posting with sourcing summary. Get an overview of job openings, source of candidates, list of ideal candidates and performance of the job opening on various job boards. Applicant Tracking

  • Candidate hiring pipeline
  • Optimize recruiting KPIs
  • Analytics that lead to strategies
  • Source Analytics

Recruiting Automation

Spur up your end-to-end recruitment process by automating all your time-consuming tasks. Set up automatic replies, alerts and notifications in advance and more.

Recruiting Automation Recruiting Automation Recruiting Automation

Structured hiring Create a blueprint and capture every detail of your entire offline process, from validation to collaboration among your hiring team, within the software. Recruiting Automation

Automate your recruiting process Assign tasks to users based on pre-defined criteria. When a rule is triggered, the alerts, tasks, and field updates associated with the rule will perform the action. Recruiting Automation

Customize your experience Set up Zoho Recruit to work the way you want it. Right from custom modules, tabs, records for easy recall, personalize all your organization settings. Recruiting Automation

  • Structured hiring
  • Automate your recruiting process
  • Customize your experience

For Corporate HR

Right from vendor portal, custom careers pages and employee referral, Zoho Recruit has it all to helping modern corporate hiring teams find candidates that best suit the company.

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For Temporary workforce

Built to simplify and speed up hiring processes within temp agencies, Zoho Workerly ensures conflict-free scheduling faster time-sheet management and invoice generation.

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