Recruitment automation

Tech is growing fast, old jobs are disappearing, new roles are coming up at an unimaginable pace, and the nature of work is transforming—not to replace humans, but to help them work more efficiently. To keep up with the changing dynamics of the corporate world, you need to keep up with the growing technological advancements, automate HR operations, and make more time for recruiters to do what they do best: building human connections.

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Here's why companies are using recruitment automation tools

  • It makes the processes a lot faster for recruiters and candidates.
  • Humans tend to make more mistakes than machines.
  • Recruitment teams can ensure they are always available to meet candidate needs.
  • It is far easier to scale.
  • It is a lot more cost-efficient.
  • Teams can leave decision-making to data.
  • The process runs seamlessly for everyone.

Here are some exciting new things that you can do with recruiting automation

Candiate Shortlist

Shortlist candidates from a bulk upload of resumes by finding and matching their skill sets with your job's requirements.

MS office team Google meet

Conduct virtual interviews: one-way and two-way.

Recruit chatbots

Be incredibly responsive to candidate inquiries with chatbots that can give personalized responses and even complete the first level of screening.

Time to submit

Use predictive analytics to understand market trends and forecast recruitment needs.

Candiate analysis

Identify patterns using your recruitment data and get insights on how your process can be optimized.

Zoho Recruit's recruitment automation tools


Funnel candidate data from your inbox to Recruit

Automatically assign candidate records to your team members when they meet your specified criteria.

Recruit automation Recruit roundrobin list

Let your AI assistant speak for you

Create an interactive career assistant that can answer candidate questions in seconds. The AI assistant can understand exactly what candidates are looking for and give them all the information they need to apply for roles at your company.

AI assistant speak career assistance

Reach out to candidates without delay

Set up automated emails and follow-up emails across the entire recruitment lifecycle, and keep the lines of communication with candidates open throughout.

auto response rule

Let Recruit do it for you

Trigger actions including sending email and SMS alerts, assigning tasks, and creating field updates on records when the conditions that you define are met.

Candiate associate rule Candiate associate alert

Create an entire automated hiring system

Blueprint is the state-of-the-art technology inside Zoho Recruit that shows users what actions need to be taken at what time and prompts them to the right information in the right sequence.

Hiring process

Make approvals straightforward

Automate approval processes by specifying criteria on what should be sent for approval, and what happens after it is approved or rejected.

approval process Rule criteria

Be on time, always

Schedule actions that are to be executed at a particular time, or even recurring actions that need to be performed periodically.

Reminder for reviews Reminder for reviews condition
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What lies in the future for recruitment process automation?

Rectuit auto flow
  • Candidate assessments will be more engaging due to gamification.
  • Blockchain technology will be used to verify candidate identity.
  • Virtual reality will help employers give a realistic idea of what is it is like to work at their company.
  • Facial recognition tools will offer the potential to reduce hiring bias by analyzing candidate’s expressions to predict their employability.

Make automation in recruitment work your way

While automation has a lot of benefits, it is crucial to ensure sufficient human interaction to make automation work the way you need it to.

Choose your tools carefully

Every recruitment process is unique, and it is vital for you to choose the tool that works best for you. Most importantly, all of your tools need to be well-integrated so that your process flows smoothly. Zoho Recruit offers seamless integrations with a wide range of in-house and third-party tools.

Data hygiene is key

While data can be incredibly helpful, it needs to be accurate for you to draw meaningful insights. Zoho Recruit makes this easy by automatically gathering data based on your actions.

Be fluent with technology

If you want to make the most out of technology, you and your team need to know how to use it. Train your team and gather regular feedback from them. Our support team offers personalized training sessions to get you fully equipped with our product's offerings.

Monitor ROI and compliance

Make sure that the automation tool you use is compliant with the relevant labor and data protection laws, and easily measure your ROI with Zoho Recruit.

Customize your automation process

We offer end-to-end customization to make sure that you can use our product in a way that suits your needs.

Automate the entire recruitment lifecycle with Zoho Recruit

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