Automate your recruitment landscape

Does it seem like your recruitment software is really just an email service attached to document management software? Well, not anymore! Zoho Recruit now intelligently strategizes your end-to-end recruitment process with candidate matching, custom workflows, source boosters, and more.

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Built-in hiring automation

It's now easy to keep your teammates on the same page. Blueprint is the state-of-the-art technology inside Zoho Recruit that shows users what actions need to be taken at what time and prompts them to the right information in the right sequence.

Drag & Drop. Simple and remarkable.

Just drag and drop your recruitment actions to create your workflow. Specify the sequence in which you want your recruitment team to handle each set of steps, decide who can do what, and set the conditions that have to be met to complete a process.

Recruit your way.

Set conditions for your processes so that recruiting activities don't just happen, but happen exactly the way you want them to. Staffing agencies with multiple recruiters can now utilize the assignment rules function to assign records to different recruiters.


Maintaining a low candidate drop-off rate and an esteemed employer brand are top concerns for recruiters. Zoho Recruit’s career site is all you need to create, set up, and publish jobs in search of your next great hire.

Make data-driven decisions.

Make recruiting bottlenecks a thing of the past and better understand how your current hiring processes are working to plan for your future needs. See where your recruiters are spending the most time, then adjust your workflow to free up resources and eliminate obstacles.

Automation. Our best just got better.

Recruit has been a market leader in the ATS space for over 10 years, and we're bringing that expertise to your candidate experience. Now you can configure actions for every hiring stage, whether it's sending follow-up emails or updating candidate records, and let our intelligent workflow automation handle it so you never miss out on top talent.

Logical and guided workflows for better hiring

Automate your hiring so that your recruitment process is consistent and foolproof.

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