What is Recruitment Analytics?

Recruitment analytics is a combination of data and predictive analysis that allows you to drive better, faster-hiring decisions. Zoho Recruit's analytics tools can help you explore every aspect of your business, turn data into actionable insights, and elevate your recruiting strategies.

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Recruitment analytics software

Identify top sources

Maximize your ROI with our recruitment analytics software. With Zoho Recruit, you can track the number of quality candidates found through each source, determine where your best performers discovered your job openings, and focus your efforts on sources and platforms that work well. 

Source efficiently with Source Boosters

While it's easy to imagine the perfect candidate for a role, actually finding great talent can be time-consuming. With Zoho Recruit's Source Boosters, you can search a wide pool of candidates and instantly find talent by job title, skills, location, and more.

 Important recruitment metrics
Recruitment data analytics

Gather performance data 

Data-based recruiting helps you make every hire count Optimize your candidate hiring process by calculating and tracking key recruiting performance indicators (KPIs) like time-to-fill, time-to-hire, age-of-job, and offer acceptance rate straight from your recruitment KPI dashboard.



Generate purposeful reports

Understand your business better and visualize your progress with reports. Zoho Recruit syncs with Zoho Analytics to help you analyze recruitment data and view real-time snapshots of your company's key metrics.

Recruitment analytics KPI dashboard

Why do you need a Recruitment Analytics?

Every great hire gives you an opportunity to broaden your network, build new relationships, and spot talent for future roles. Predictive analytics in recruitment helps you streamline your sourcing, screening, and hiring process so that you can find talent faster and reduce cost per hire. An effective recruitment analytics software will help you interpret relevant data so that you can identify patterns, develop solutions, and improve your strategies. 

Which recruitment metrics are most important?

Recruitment metrics allow you to track hiring rates and optimize the overall recruitment process. Here are some key metrics to consider:

  • Time to hire- the amount of time that elapses between when a candidate applies for an open position and when they accept the job offer
  • Time to fill- the time between when an open position is posted and when a candidate accepts the job offer
  • Source of hire- helps recruiters identify where candidates find roles and which hiring sources provide the highest returns  
  • Cost per hire- the amount an organization spends throughout the hiring process 
  • Candidate experience- how candidates feel about a company's hiring process  
  • Offer acceptance rate- the number of job offers accepted out of total offers 
  • Age of job- The time period of an open job

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