Analyze every aspect of your business.

With so much data to keep track of and less time than ever to analyse it, recruiters need solutions that will help them make informed business decisions. With Zoho Recruit's Advanced Recruit Analytics powered by Zoho Analytics, back all your presentations with data trends, plan your next quarter and keep track of how teams perform.

Here's a quick list of popular reports that can help your business grow:

Activity dashboard

Get a quick overview of the status of your jobs, interviews scheduled and candidates. Like the report here shows, the number of candidates added, in comparison to the number of candidates hired and the interviews scheduled.

User overview dashboard

View and analyze your team's performance trends, so you can create new or tailor existing strategies to speed up the hiring process.

Job openings dashboard

Analyse if your hiring strategies are working, and if you have to re-think your game. And the job openings dashboard gives you a daily report of where you stand.

Clients overview dashboard

Analyze clients' approval or rejection rates, view candidates associated with clients along with their interview status updates.

Candidates overview dashboard

Get insights about the number of candidates hired, number of positions yet to be filled, and number of positions pending every month.