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Zoho Recruit's Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is equipped with several resume extraction tools, workflow automation, advanced analytics, third-party applications and more. Here's why Zoho Recruit is the best HCM Software.

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Reach out to the right candidate

Successful recruiting requires a steady influx of high-quality candidates. Keep up with the constantly evolving recruitment industry and find talent around the world with Zoho Recruit's free and premium job boards. Increase your job visibility, reach millions of job seekers, and manage all your job boards in one place. Take your first step in hiring the right talent for your organization with our job boards:

Build an employer brand

Recruiting the best candidate starts with making the best first impression. Make it count with Zoho Recruit's custom careers site. Brand your recruitment by creating your own career site and customize it to fit your company's guidelines. A structured hiring process lets candidates apply for jobs directly through your careers site thereby creating more brand recall and an improved candidate experience.

Build your own career website - Human Capital Management | Zoho Recruit

Shortlist. Engage. Hire.

Instantly upload, parse, and search for resumes with our effective candidate tracking system. Find an impressive resume online? With Resume Extractor, a user-friendly Chrome plugin, recruiters can effortlessly source candidates from anywhere on the web. Highlight text, click the Extractor, and the contents are parsed and added as candidate records into your Zoho Recruit account.

Inbox flooded with resumes? Stop wasting time checking those endless resumes and switch to Resume Inbox.

Extract and Manage the resumes effectively - Human Capital Management | Zoho Recruit

Say "Hello" to AI recruitment

Improve and simplify the recruiter experience with AI recruitment. Reduce time-to-hire and increase search accuracy by matching the most relevant candidate to a job opening. Search candidates based on specific criteria in a job description no matter how expansive your recruiting database. With a single "Find Matching Candidates" action, you'll get a complete list of suggested candidates in seconds.

Reduce time-to-hire with AI recruitment - Human Capital Management | Zoho Recruit

Automate your processes and increase productivity

Create a structured hiring process by creating a blueprint that captures and visualizes your entire recruiting process. Zoho Recruit's Applicant Tracking System lets you analyze, track, and structure your talent acquisition journey. With Blueprint you can:

  • Define every stage and validate with relevant information
  • Guide your hiring team in executing every stage of the process
  • Automate routine actions

With a simple drag and drop option you can create your workflow, specify the sequence of actions, decide who can do what, and set conditions to complete the action.

Automate your hiring process - Human Capital Management | Zoho Recruit

Convert "Hires" to "Employees"

Don't stop sending offer letters. Convert every successful hire into an employee with Zoho Recruit's HCM Cloud. Once you move the candidate status from hire to employee, your Zoho People account gets created automatically with access rights and privileges to the particular account. You can now effectively manage multiple applications and initiate the onboarding process from within Zoho Recruit's recruitment management system.

Simple. Foolproof. Guided.

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