Locking horns with a hefty price?

Named a market leader by G2, Zoho Recruit gives organizations the flexibility to define their hiring process, focus on innovation, and scale their growth. Learn why recruiters choose Zoho Recruit over Bullhorn.

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Why do you need an alternative for Bullhorn?

Modern day recruiters are responsible for more than just hiring. It's not enough to simply fill as many jobs as possible with talented candidates. Recruiters now have to simultaneously think like recruiters, marketers, and salespeople to be competitive.

Rapid job posting

Zoho Recruit is integrated with over 60 job boards, 6 source boosters, and social media networks. Post a job via Zoho Recruit and it will be published on all these platforms automatically. You receive all candidate applications in one centralized talent pool.

Seamless candidate and client interactions

Think outside your inbox. Zoho Recruit bridges the communication gap between you, your client, and your candidates with Portals. Zoho Recruit is also integrated with the major telecommunications companies, like AT&T, British Telecom, and AWS to make phone calls and send reminders.

Efficient recruitment marketing

Nurture your talent pool by engaging them in meaningful conversations. Create email campaigns to send out personalized messages to your applicants. Zoho Recruit's integration with Maichimp gives you detailed statistics of your email campaigns—including the click/conversion ratio—to help you improve your campaign strategy.

What Zoho Recruit offers

Zoho Recruit offers a wide range of tools for business of all sizes, at any stage. Here's a glimpse:

Powerful automation for more efficient teams

With workflow rules, assignment rules, and custom schedulers, Zoho Recruit enables teams to relax and let the system take care of their mundane tasks. With the power of Blueprint, automation just went to the next level.

After unleashing the core power of the software and gaining some experience, we realized that there was even more to Zoho Recruit that we could enable to automate our recruiting.
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Customization on the fly

Zoho Recruit caters to a wide ranges of businesses, from small and medium companies to enterprises. With that broad user base, our ATS has been designed with customization in mind, making it easy to map unique processes into the system.

We moved over to a larger recruiting platform and it was really complex and we weren't able to customize it on a ad-hoc basis. We then moved to Zoho Recruit because you can customize anything
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Effortless data management

With job seekers coming in from your company’s careers page, job boards, and other sources, it’s important to use recruitment software that keeps everything organized throughout the application process.

Zoho Recruit saves us a lot of time and allows us to be more responsive to candidates, which improves our image as a company.
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Recruit on the move

Add flexibility to your ATS so you can manage your work how you want. With Zoho Recruit's mobile app for iOS and Android, you're no longer limited by the walls of your workplace.

I use the Zoho Recruit app and it allows me to work and speak to candidates wherever I am. I can do all this really efficiently and really easily.
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Packed with features

  • Advanced analytics
  • Customizable pipeline
  • Complete customization
  • Advanced automation
  • Efficient integrations
  • Around-the-clock support
Pricing starts at1500/recruiter/month

Heavy on features. Light on the wallet.

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